Notice is hereby given under Rule 5 of the Constitution that the 88th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the PINNER ASSOCIATION will be held in the Village Hall, Chapel Lane, Pinner, on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 8pm.


  1. Minutes of the 86th AGM held on 17 April 2019 (as published on pages 67 to 75 of The Villager No.244)
  2. Matters arising
  3. The Chairperson’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report and adoption of accounts for the year ended 31 December 2019 (as published on pages 75 to 77 of The Villager No.246)
  5. Election of President
  6. Election of Chairperson
  7. Election of Officers and Committee
  8. Vote of thanks to and election of the Independent Examining Accountant for the current year
  9. Any other business.

The Association welcomes nominations for Officers and the Committee.  These must be made in writing, supported by a seconder, having obtained the permission of the proposed nominee, and sent to the Chairman or Secretary (addresses on page 3 of The Villager Magazine) at least one week before the AGM.  Any prospective nominee is invited to email:

[email protected]

or refer to the Charity Commission website:

for further information about the role of a trustee of a Registered Charity.

It would also be helpful if any questions could be notified to the Secretary in advance.

The formal business of the AGM will be preceded by a talk on the work of the Harrow Food Bank and followed by an Open Forum.


Recent Burglaries

It looks as if Pinner is currently the target area. Police LogoPlease be extra vigilant.

At some point between Sunday 12th January – Thursday 16th January, a burglary occurred in Athol Close. The property had been unoccupied for several weeks; the unknown suspect(s) gained entry by forcing open a rear dining room window.

At an unknown time between Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th January, a burglary occurred at an empty property in Birchmead Avenue. Entry was gained by kicking in the property’s front door.

On Thursday 16th January between 12:35pm to 12:45pm, an attempted burglary occurred in Jubilee Close. The three suspects initially rung the victim’s doorbell, and having not received a response, they attempted to force open a window to the property, before fleeing after being disturbed by the victim.

On Saturday 18th January between 06:30am – 8:45pm, a burglary occurred in West End Lane, at an address close to Hillcrest Avenue. Access was gained via a rear kitchen window.

On Sunday 19th January between 4:35pm – 10:15pm, a burglary occurred in Waxwell Lane. The unknown suspect(s) smashed the window of a rear patio door to access the property.

On Monday 20th January at 6:30pm, a burglary occurred in Eastern Avenue when the unknown suspect(s) smashed a rear window of the property. The burglar alarm’s activation is believed to have caused the suspect(s) to flee the property prematurely and empty-handed.

On Tuesday 21st January between 8:30am – 10:30pm, a burglary occurred in Athol Gardens. Again, the unknown suspect(s) smashed the window of a rear patio door to access the property.

On Thursday 23rd January at approximately 9:00pm, a burglary occurred in Bell Close after the unknown suspect(s) smashed the window of a rear patio door to access the property.

Planning Application for telecom monopole in West End Avenue.

There is a current planning application for the installation of a 15m high monopole supporting 6 antennas and 3 dishes (3G And 4G) and the installation of 6 equipment cabinets in West End Avenue, near to the junction with Marsh Road:

This monopole would replace the monopole and cabinets currently in situ in front of the “Churchill Retirement Flats” in Marsh Road.

The planning application may be viewed on the Harrow Council Planning Services website:

using the “Application Number” reference:  P/3805/19

The planning application is out for the statutory public consultation and comments may be entered on the website for this application.   Any comments should be submitted to Harrow Council by 24th January 2020.