Tom Harvey’s sculpture celebrating Heath Robinson.

The New Sculpture

On the morning of 29th September the Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Rekha Shah, accompanied by Cllr Keith Ferry, Vice-Chairman of Harrow Heritage Trust, unveiled a new carved wooden sculpture at the Chapel Lane entrance to Pinner Memorial Park.  The sculpture, donated to the park by Harrow Heritage Trust, is an original work by Tom Harvey, who previously carved the two chain saw tree sculptures in the park.  The sculpture was inspired by the work of William Heath Robinson and is intended to guide visitors through the park to the new Heath Robinson Museum.

Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Rekha Shah with Cllr Keith Ferry.

Waxwell Lane Car Park Consultation 29 September – update!

Last night a meeting was held in the Methodist Church Hall about the future of Waxwell Lane car park.

 To summarise, the following options were displayed and the Council’s architects thoughts are below:-

  • Keep the whole car park  –  Dismissed
  • Build 8 –9 dwellings with 66 parking spaces retained – under consideration
  • Build 18 –20 dwellings with 46 parking spaces retained – under consideration
  • Build 30 – 32 dwellings with 21 parking spaces retained – under consideration
  • Build 38 – 40 dwellings with no parking spaces retained  – Dismissed

 It is now official that the Harrow Council intend to build homes for commercial rent on at least a portion the car park, but the number and type of dwellings, and possibly some office spaces or other uses, and the proportion of the site to be retained as car parking, to include disable parking spaces, is still to be decided.  A part of the Residents’ Reference Group was formed from volunteers attending last evening’s meeting and they are to be regularly consulted on what number, type and style of dwellings / buildings are to be planned for the site.


Jack frees his mouse!


Jack Wells has decided to step down from being our webmaster (editor of the website) and free his mouse and keyboard. He is one of many hidden helpers of Pinner Association.

For over 15 years Jack has helped keep Pinnerites informed about what is happening in Pinner. He helped create our website that has won the following award.

The London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies – Walter Bor Media Award 2005

Jack will continue to make occasional posts and you can still see him around the village taking photo’s for our website.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jack for all of his help and hard work in maintaining our website.