Welcome to the Pinner Association

THE PINNER ASSOCIATION is an amenity society founded in 1932. Its aims are to conserve and enhance the quality of life in Pinner, a historic Middlesex village that dates from the 14th Century. Pinner is some 13 miles North West of  Central London. The Pinner Association seeks members from all backgrounds, especially people who live or work in Pinner.

  • Do you live in Pinner?
  • Have you lived in Pinner?
  • Do you know what happens in Pinner?
  • Do you read ‘The Villager’ magazine?
  • You will know all about the happenings in Pinner if you are a Member of the Association.
West House & Heath Robinson Museum at Night – photographer Mark Weatherby,

Link to Facebook at  https://Facebook.com/PinnerAssociation

The Pinner Association is a Registered Charity (No. 262349)

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