Chair Report from 90th AGM

Following our AGM on Tuesday 19 May, we are aware that not everyone was able to attend. Below is a copy of the Chair Report. Happy reading!

Chair Report

Thank you to everyone who is here this evening; I have now been Chair of the Pinner Association for two years. I start with some sad news.

Shirley Clark a long standing & active member of the committee passed away in January. She is sorely missed for her words of wisdom and her brilliant editorial skills.


  • Band Concerts
    • We had a change of line up with Paparazzi making their debut.
    • The bucket collections from the concerts raised over £2,300
  • Remembrance Sunday
    • We had a new team organising the Service last year. Subtle changes were made to the service and for the first time we welcomed the participation of the Jain Nuns
  • Peace Garden Volunteers
    • The group of volunteers have made a massive difference to the gardens. This was noted by the Green Flag Judges. It’s a shame than some of the newly planted plants have been stolen.
  • Pinner Underground Station Gardens
    • We continue to have volunteers that keep these gardens looking good. They are looking to make changes so that the planting can deal with the dry spells.
  • At Pinner Village Show, with ‘So you think you know Pinner!” quiz
  • As well as paying for the festive lights and Christmas trees. We ensured that the festive lights on Bridge Street were lit in time for Diwali.
  • Volunteers Party – previously known as the collector’s party happened
    • The high light were the custom-made cup cakes
  • Adopted the Phone Box in Woodhall Gate on behalf of the residents
  • We continue to monitor planning applications and comment where necessary


Since the last AGM we have made the following donations on your behalf.

  • 5th Pinner Scouts for use of their PA system £200
  • Friends of Pinner Village Gardens £500 sponsorship of their Coronation event
  • Friends of Roxbourne Park £500 towards the cost of three coronation trees
  • Pinner Cricket Club £1000 towards the youth teams caps
  • Harrow Cycling Hub £1000 towards the purchase of an adaptive tricycle for youngsters
  • Peace Garden Volunteers – £200 annual budget
  • Pinner Tube Station Gardens £100 annual budget

Work In Progress

  • The trough outside the Queens Head needs repairing – does anyone know of a carpenter, please let us know afterwards
  • Festive Lights switch on – we are trying to arrange a school choir to sing some carols
  • We need more committee members irrespective of ethnicity, gender of religion

Due to the reduce number of committee members, we are looking to amend our constitution

  • We need to ensure that it mentions the new technology that we all got to grips in lock down
  • We need to allow absent committee members to cast their votes prior to the meeting via email
  • Currently we need 7 committee members to be quorate, this isn’t always possible
    • We are concerned about the lack of people stepping up to the plate and joining the committee.
    • The last couple of meetings we have struggled to be quorate
    • We have to be quorate to make decisions and authorise donations

Thank you!


Thank you for your continuing support, help and guidance. They do a lot of work behind the scenes that no one ever gets to see.

Villager Magazine

Changes have occurred and I believe that the new team have bedded down. Feedback from our members is that they were very happy to see that Talking Shops had stayed and they were very positive about the changes. Thank you to the team that makes it happen especially Phil Lawder

Area Leaders and Collectors.

Thank you for your help. The Villager wouldn’t be delivered to our members without your help.

Other Volunteers

Thank you to the young couple that look after the notice boards for us and the residents who help with talking shops for the Villager magazine. Also thank you to the team of gardeners who have made such a difference to the Peace Gardens and Pinner Station. The secret watering team for the split wall flowers.  Sean at the Queens Head for planting and maintaining the trough.

Sharon Pink, who helped redesign the leaflets for the band concerts and was very active with the organisation of the Pinners Act of Remembrance.

Lastly but not least – thank you to all our members who support us.




Time Set for Emergency Alerts Test

Dear Watch Member,

Please read the attached document containing information about the forthcoming Emergency Alerts Test.

Download Associated Documents
Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]

Neighbourhood Watch: 2023-24 Crime Survey for England and Wales

Dear Watch Member,

We have been informed that Kantar Public, on behalf of the Office for National Statistics, will be conducting the 2023-24 Crime Survey for England and Wales.

The Crime Survey asks adults in England and Wales about their experiences of crime. The Crime Survey and police recorded crime are a complementary series and together provide a more comprehensive picture of crime than could be obtained from either series alone. The Crime Survey includes crimes that are not reported to police.

The survey is conducted throughout the year across all areas of England and Wales and it will be coming to Pinner on the following dates in April:

  • Wednesday 12th;
  • Friday 14th;
  • Saturday 15th;
  • Sunday 16th;
  • Tuesday 18th.

The interviewer carrying out the Crime Survey in the area may visit you as late as 9pm. All interviewers who work on the survey will carry a Market Research Society Interviewer Identity Card, an example of which is attached. This card includes the interviewer’s name and photograph and a number to call to verify their identity.

If you require any further information about the survey, please call the Crime Survey Information Line at Kantar Public on free phone 0800 051 0882 during office hours or email [email protected].

You can also visit the Crime Survey for England and Wales website:

Download Associated Documents
Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8721 2775

Consultation Event on a “Public Spaces Protection Order” for Harrow Borough

Harrow Council are consulting on whether to implement specific restrictions in our town centres and urban centres and parks and opens spaces such as:

  • Intimidating and/or aggressive begging
  • Obstructing access to business premises during opening hours
  • Leaving commercial waste in public spaces for an unreasonable length of time
  • Use of amplifiers or loud speakers without permission
  • Financial Agreements on the Street from a set stand only
  • Placing of tables, stands, or other furniture / fixings
  • Distribution of leaflets
  • Illegal or Unauthorised Street Trading
  • Feeding of Birds and Vermin

For more information see:

Harrow Public Spaces Protection Order | MyHarrow Talk

As part of the consultation process, Harrow Council Environmental Health Officers will be in and around Pinner town centre on:

  • Tuesday 18th April 10:30 – 12:30

Officers will be walking around the area engaging with residents and sharing a QR code for residents/businesses to scan to access the above consultation.