Consultation Event on a “Public Spaces Protection Order” for Harrow Borough

Harrow Council are consulting on whether to implement specific restrictions in our town centres and urban centres and parks and opens spaces such as:

  • Intimidating and/or aggressive begging
  • Obstructing access to business premises during opening hours
  • Leaving commercial waste in public spaces for an unreasonable length of time
  • Use of amplifiers or loud speakers without permission
  • Financial Agreements on the Street from a set stand only
  • Placing of tables, stands, or other furniture / fixings
  • Distribution of leaflets
  • Illegal or Unauthorised Street Trading
  • Feeding of Birds and Vermin

For more information see:

Harrow Public Spaces Protection Order | MyHarrow Talk

As part of the consultation process, Harrow Council Environmental Health Officers will be in and around Pinner town centre on:

  • Tuesday 18th April 10:30 – 12:30

Officers will be walking around the area engaging with residents and sharing a QR code for residents/businesses to scan to access the above consultation.