Volunteers Wanted!

Can you help?

We are hoping to be able to hold our annual “Concerts in The Park” this year.

The concerts are held in Pinner Memorial Park.

We need volunteers to help:-

  • Set up in the morning – this involves moving heavy equipment
  • Steward whilst the concerts are being held.
  • Pack away at the end of the day – this involves moving heavy equipment

If you would like to know more about the stewards role Steward’s Instructions 2022

The concerts may not take place if there are severe weather warnings.

Pinner Fair 1 June 2022 – Traffic Restrictions and Diversions

Just a reminder that from about 15:00 on  31 May until about 8:00 on 2 June. The following buses will be diverted down West End Lane.

183, H11, H12 & H13.

Vehicle traffic restrictions will also apply see below:

As I can’t find an official notice with the correct dates; I’m assuming that the following roads will be closed or have restricted access:

No access to vehicles

  • High Street
  • Bridge Street

Restricted Access

  • Love Lane
  • Waxwell Lane
  • Elm Park Road
  • Marsh Road
  • Chapel Lane
  • Station Approach
  • Paines Lane
  • Church Lane
  • Grange Gardens

If you are going to the fair, I would suggest that you use public transport or walk as parking will be restricted in the area. I haven’t been able to find out which car parks will be available.

New Parking Policy in Hatch End Morrisons Carpark

We have been made aware that from Monday 4th April 2022, Morrisons Hatch End will be introducing new parking restrictions.

Restrictions are as follows:
Maximum stay 2 hours during store opening times.

  • Mon – Sat 6am – 22:00 (timings taken from Morrisons website) and Sunday 10:00 – 16:00
    • Please Note – You do not need to show proof of using the store and you do not need to log your car registration upon entry – when parking there you will have a maximum of 2 hours during store opening times and if the car park is used for longer a £100 fine will be issued.
  • Outside of store opening times there is a maximum stay length of 10 minutes and a fine of £100 will be issued, if used for longer.

There is still free parking for up to 90 cars at Harrow Arts Centre’s Car Park.”

Save the last Bank Branch in Pinner


HSBC has announced that the Love Lane, Pinner branch will close its doors for the last time on 6 September 2022.

Barclays Bank is closing its branch in Pinner on 29 June so this will leave HSBC as the ONLY remaining bank we have in our vibrant community (one Building Society, the Nationwide will remain).

Now that HSBC has announced it also plans to close this year people are very concerned about how Pinner will be affected. Although many in our community do not visit bank branches many still do, particularly older residents, and businesses. In addition many local Pinner community groups will find it more difficult to manage their banking arrangements.

This petition asks the senior management of HSBC to reconsider its decision and to join the community in a dialogue to find a better solution. As a local councillor many residents have approached me with great ideas for HSBC to consider – these would enable HSBC to continue to provide a local service here in Pinner.

Please support this petition to save Pinner’s last bank branch!! Petition link is at the top.


Beware – card scammers operating in the Chapel Lane car park!

PADCA, the charity which runs The Pinner Village Hall, has brought to our attention that scammers are targeting those who pay for parking in the Chapel Lane Car Park using their credit/debit card.  Scammers may appear like other motorists waiting to pay.  The machines are retaining credit/debit cards, whilst the scammers are attempting to obtain the PIN number.

Please see this article in the March 25th 2022 News at Harrow Online:  Scammers target Harrow motorists that visit Chapel Lane car park in Pinner – Harrow Online

Please stay vigilant and where possible pay by cash or using the PayByPhone App:  Parking mobile app & payment solution | PayByPhone

Annual General Meeting – Support Your Local Community

Our Annual General Meeting will be on the 20 April at 8pm, hopefully this year we will be able to hold it in The Villager Hall instead of on Zoom.  Our guest Speaker will be Mr Woolf, Head of Pinner High School.

We are always looking for new people to join the committee; irrespective of background, gender or ethnicity. Without people stepping up to the plate, we will not be able to continue.  What does that mean?

  • No festive lights or Christmas trees,
  • No band concerts,
  • No central social media platform for local clubs and organisations.
  • No instant advice on planning applications.
  • No extra gardeners for the Peace Gardens or wisteria.
  • No donations to local organisations.

You might think that you have nothing to contribute, think again. I would consider myself a generalist in all things Pinner. You might have a different perspective, ideas or way of looking at things – that’s good, we need you.  You don’t need to attend all meetings.  Interested? Please contact Ruth Boff by email [email protected].