Santa and his Sleigh, our popular Christmas float touring the streets of Pinner.

It’s that time of year again and Pinner Rotary are looking forward to bringing the magic of Santa and his Sleigh to a street near you.

This year we are collecting for ORCHYD, a local Chidren’s charity supporting severely disabled children, and other Rotary supported charities.

Dates and Routes are listed below, starting each evening at 6:00pm and ending at around 8:00pm, except for the first route on Wednesday 11th December, see below. 

Wednesday 11th December      map
6pm – 6:30pm: the Sleigh will be parked on Crossway near the junction with Pinner Hill Road, please come and visit us!
6:30pm – approx 8:15pm: Albury Drive – Blythwood Road  – Murray Crescent – Marsworth Avenue – Woodhall Gate – Evelyn Drive

Thursday 12th December     map
Love Lane – Avenue Road – Barrowpoint Avenue – Barrow Point Lane – Moss Lane – Grange Gardens

Friday 13th December     map
Church Avenue – Downs Avenue – West Avenue – Central Avenue – The Avenue

Monday 16th December     map
West Towers – East Towers – Cannonbury Avenue – Hill Road – Glover Road – Lawrence Road – Rosecroft Walk – St Ursula Grove – Hill Road

Wednesday 18th December    map
Grove Road – Northumberland Road – Lincoln Road – Mount Drive – The Ridgeway – Lincoln Road – Lankers Drive

Thursday 19th December     map
West Way – West End Lane – High View – Cuckoo Hill Drive – North Way – Northfield Avenue – Hillcrest Avenue – West End Lane – West End Avenue

Why doesn’t Santa’s Sleigh visit our road?

2014 was the first year that the Rotary Club of Pinner started touring the streets with Santa’s Sleigh. Although many residents remember a sleigh in their street years ago, that was probably either the Lions or Round Table. It’s a large undertaking for our Rotary club, from designing and building the sleigh and planning the routes, through finding enough volunteers each year to deliver flyers and take the sleigh around the streets. We would always welcome volunteers to help us each year.

Our Sleigh routes are very carefully selected and are reviewed each year. Our overriding concern is to ensure the sleigh can travel safely. So, we consider a number of issues such as the width of streets and the number of parked cars – so we can manoeuvre the sleigh – and wherever possible we avoid bus routes or main roads. It’s also important to limit how far Santa’s helpers have to walk during the evening’s trip.

Each year since we started Santa’s Sleigh, residents have contacted us asking if Santa can visit their road or can we offer sleigh rides, or can they book Santa’s Sleigh for private events or can we take our sleigh to other towns! Sadly, we can’t consider most of these requests. We just try to visit as many streets as we can in the weeks leading up to Christmas as we know it brings a lot of happiness to the children of Pinner.

HS2 Drop In Meeting – 9th December

HS2 are to hold another “Drop In” meeting on the afternoon of Monday 9th December at the Cannon Lane Methodist Church Hall (Cannon Lane Methodist Church, Cannon Lane, Pinner) from 2 to 5pm, at which residents of the roads that will be affected by the forthcoming installation of a high capacity electricity supply cable through parts of Pinner South may ask questions and express concerns about these works.

The affected roads in Pinner South are sections of:

Rayners Lane
Roundabout at Rayners Lane/
Whittington Way /Suffolk Road
Whittington Way (the route will cut across a road, rather than travel along the length of these roads)
St Michael’s Crescent
Cannon Lane
Cannonbury Avenue
Rushdene Road

Further information from HS2 about the proposed route may be found here:

Information from HS2 about how the works in our area will be undertaken is here:

We are expecting the work to start early in 2020.

Waxwell Lane Car Park Development – Update on planned work on the site.

Development Site

The Pinner Association is being briefed at regular meetings with the Project Manager and Contractor (AMAC) for the development of twenty three storey mews style houses on the site of the now closed Waxwell Lane car park.

We have been informed that the work to strip the old tarmac off the areas of the site to be built upon is to start next week (the week beginning 9th December 2019).  This will involve the movement of two large lorries in and out of the site per day, and these vehicles will approach and leave Waxwell Lane via Bridge Street.

In January the piling work will start for a period of approximately two weeks, and this may cause some noise audible outside the site.  Work will not start before 8 am and will end by 6 pm (Monday to Friday) and 1 pm (Saturday).

When very large equipment is being manoeuvred on and off the site the parking bays outside the Police Station in Waxwell Lane will be temporarily suspended.

The AMAC  have assured us that they will be abiding by the requirements of the “Considerate Constructors Scheme”.

Pinner Panto – Thursday Evening!

Motorists – a quick reminder, there will be traffic congestion around Pinner tomorrow evening.

  • The High Street will be closed to traffic from about 3pm to 10pm.
  • Chapel Lane will be closed at the Bridge Street end from about 3pm to 10pm. Access the car park from West End Lane.
  • Pinner memorial Park will be closed to the public from 4:30 whilst the firework display is being set up.
  • Bridge Street zebra crossing will be controlled by traffic lights between 5pm & 9pm.


  • Don’t forget to visit all of the shops that are taking part on Bridge Street before hitting the High Street.
  • 5pm: Christmas lights will be switched on by the Mayor of Harrow
  • Choirs will be performing on the High Street & Chapel Lane
  • 8:15 pm – Fireworks in the Park
  • The Panto organising team look forward to seeing you there.

Police Local Newsletter

Dear Resident,

Here is the newsletter covering the majority of our October activities. As usual we have all had a busy month doing one thing or another to contribute to making our community a safer and pleasant place for everyone.


In October ten residential burglaries occurred across Pinner, in the following roads: two in Albury Drive and Moss Lane respectively, and one in Bell Close, Cannonbury Avenue, Crossway, Grange Gardens, Pinner Hill and Whittington Way respectively.

All but two of these burglaries are known to have occurred during the hours of darkness, and in all but one instance, entry to properties was gained by means of a rear patio door or window being forced open or removed. Again, as is so often the case, the route to the rear of homes continues to be gained by burglars going through unlocked / insufficiently locked side gates or by climbing over low side gates or flat-roofed garages.

In many cases, burgled homes did not have any outwardly visible signs of occupation as houses were often in darkness. Burglars (and thieves committing overnight vehicle crime) do not like light or noise that might attract unwanted attention, so please consider getting motion sensor lighting and an alarm if you don’t already have one.

The main valuables stolen tend to be jewellery, watches and cash. It is therefore important that you catalogue and photograph all your jewellery and watches so, if you should be burgled, you can identify what has been stolen, and if found, you can prove they belong to you.

Please take some time to read the attached home security advice, then assess your home’s security and proactively bolster any vulnerabilities you identify. For comprehensive burglary and other crime prevention advice please click on this link:

OWL (Online Watch Link)

 At the time of writing 667 Pinner residents have joined OWL, which is fantastic. However, this figure pales in comparison to the 2909 residents I engage with on Nextdoor, a social media platform you may be aware of and currently using.

It is anticipated that at some time in the future OWL (with the exception of Twitter), will be the only way we will engage with you about crime-related matters so, in addition to the way you might have received this ‘newsletter’, I would ask that you sign-up to OWL too so we can maintain contact with you.

For more information about OWL, please read the attached leaflet then sign-up at

Please accept my thanks in advance for your registration.

Arrests / Court Results / Miscellaneous

Whilst at a flat in Grove Avenue, PC Brooks arrested a male on suspicion of burglary after he attended the address in possession of a mountain bike that checks established had been stolen from a property in Moss Lane.

Two other bikes at the flat were also identified as being stolen from the same property. Thankfully, due to the bikes’ owner providing police with each bike’s frame / serial number, we were able to return the bikes to them. You can register ownership of your bikes at, and electronic items at

PC Aziz, PC Brooks, PC Lewis and PC Muzikeviciute have each seized cannabis from individuals stopped in Cuckoo Hill Drive, Pinner Memorial Park, Pinner Village Gardens, and the car park of Montesole Park and Roxbourne Park respectively. These drug seizures have resulted in four Community Resolutions and one cannabis warning being issued. A youth was referred to Harrow Council’s Youth Offending Team.

After watching a transit van being driven slowly along Wakehams Hill, we stopped the vehicle and established that it did not have insurance, subsequently resulting in it being seized under Operation Reclaim.

PC Lewis and PC Muzikeviciute have been dealing with ongoing neighbour disputes in Ellement Close, Tewkesbury Avenue and Whittington Way.

We are aware that there is one male, and a male and female couple loitering and begging outside Sainsbury’s and occasionally elsewhere, claiming to be homeless. We have spoken to all three of them and they have all been referred to partner agencies who have offered benefits and accommodation, which for whatever reason has been wholly or partially declined.

I politely request that rather than give the individuals money that might not be spent on legal forms of sustenance, you instead make a referral or a donation to a homeless charity such as Harrow-based Firm Foundation, or Streetlink (, to name just two.

Community Engagement

PC Aziz and PCSO O’Brien gave an internet and social media safety talk to the 3rd Pinner Beaver Scouts, which was very well received by the young (and young at heart) minds in attendance.

PCSO O’Brien had an audience with Moss Lane residents who wanted to discuss the two burglaries that occurred in the road.

PC Aziz held a pop-up crime prevention stall outside Marks and Spencer, and PCSO O’Brien held one outside Tesco; both of which provided opportunities to speak to shoppers about distraction thefts, handbag thefts and burglary prevention whilst simultaneously deterring shoplifting offences.

PCSO O’Brien also waited outside the gates of Pinner Wood School to hand parents and pupils alike with Hallowe’en and burglary prevention literature.

As well as meeting the new Rabbi, the team have also been providing reassurance to the Jewish community as they celebrated the High Holy Days.

Of course, we still heavily use Nextdoor and Twitter to promote what we have done, and will be doing.

If you don’t want to join Twitter, but still want to find out what we’ve been doing, you can do so by clicking on this link: or, depending on where in Pinner you reside.

N.B. Please note that Waxwell Lane car park is sadly now permanently closed and awaiting development.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562NW