The Association in the past has:-

  • In the 1940s, raised money through local donations to purchase Pinner Memorial Park for the benefit of the community as a War Memorial.
  • In the 1960s, stopped a proposed high-rise development in the High Street.
  • In the 1980s, launched the fund that led to the construction of the Village Hall.
  • In 1995, organised two weekends of commemoration and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII, including the construction of the Peace Garden in Pinner Memorial Park.
  • In 2000 we organised a weekend of festivities to celebrate the Millennium.
  • Since then we have held events to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and her 80th birthday and the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

We launched The West House & Heath Robinson Museum Trust, which has given Pinner the restored West House, the new Heath Robinson Museum and the ever-popular Daisy’s in the Park.

We provided equipment for the children’s playground in Pinner Memorial Park.

Today, the Association:

  • Continues to organise free band concerts in the park during August.
  • Looks after the Peace Garden and the flower beds on the station platform, and sponsors flowers in the shopping centres and round the Police Station.
  • Supports local youth organisations,  for example, purchasing equipment and sponsoring events and prizes.
  • Monitors local planning applications, provides advice to residents and objects to undesirable developments where appropriate.
  • Works with the Council to maintain and enhance the parks and the pleasant environment of Pinner.
  • Works with the council to ensure that Pinnerites are kept informed of the work being carried out at the Pinner Wood School Site.
  • Publishes ‘The Villager’ magazine (free to members) giving news and views of Pinner three times a year.
  • Pays for the Christmas trees and lights in the shopping area and helps with Panto Evening.
  • Provides seats in various parks around Pinner
  • Is represented on local transport committees.
  • Is consulted by the Council on local matters and lobbies on any relating to Pinner such as highway improvements, parking etc.
  • Takes an active interest in the provision of local health services.
  • Your subscription (only £7 for a two-member household) is needed to allow the Association to continue working to ensure that OUR Village remains such a desirable place in which to live and retains our strong sense of community.

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