About us

Who are we and what do we do?

The Pinner Association was founded in 1932 in response to the concerns of a group of Pinner residents about the proposed new fire station in Pinner and the amalgamation of local government areas.

Since then it has, as the local amenity society, developed continuously and is now involved in a wide range of topics including:

– Health
– Traffic Schemes and Parking
– Flood Alleviation
– Amenities
– The restoration of West House, a historic building in the Memorial Park
– Planning (current planning applications)

The Association has been involved in fighting for the future of Mount Vernon and Pinner and Northwood Community hospitals.

Particular achievements include the development of the Peace Garden, in Pinner Memorial Park, which was dedicated in 1995, marking the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The children’s playground in the park was re-equipped and the access improved, largely by the Association.

The Association organises voluntary flood wardens who alert residents who may be affected when there is a flood alert. The Environment Agency regards this as a model scheme which it is trying to introduce countrywide.

Peace Garden

The Peace Garden in the Memorial Park

‘The Villager’ Magazine

Our 80 page magazine, The Villager, was launched in 1938 and is now published three times a year and contains news and gossip about Pinner and articles about the Village and its characters.

To obtain the Villager and keep in touch with Pinner news and events join the Pinner Association. Join online now or find out more about membership.