Outbuilding Security Advice

Dear Watch Member,

As the weather starts to become warmer (although not in May according to the weather forecasts!), people confined to home are spending a lot of time in their gardens using gardening tools and leisure equipment, which are often left out or stored in outbuildings.

Burglars tend to target sheds, garages and outbuildings at this time of year looking for valuable power tools, bikes and other expensive items.

We recommend that everyone takes some basic security measures to make sure their gardens and outbuildings are secure. Leaving tools and gardening equipment lying around in your garden can attract thieves, as they are valuable and could also be used to break into your home.

Locking tools away in a shed or garage when you are not using them and making outbuildings as secure as possible, with strong locks or even an alarmed padlock, will help keep your property safe. Dusk till dawn security lights in your garden will make your home even safer, along with locking windows, doors and garden gates and making sure your fences are in a good condition.

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Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
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Weekly COVID-19 Round up 26 April 2020

While we settled down to the inevitable of the lock down being extended, and resigned ourselves to a necessary evil of limiting our freedom.  We have a change of leader at the helm of The Pinner Association.

Christine Wallace who has been chairman for the past three years has stepped down having completed her term of office.   We would like to thank Christine for her stewardship of The Pinner Association, a task she has undertaken with a great sense of responsibility to do our best to maintain and enhance the amenity of all in Pinner.  As Chairman of the Association she has taken a particular interest in planning matters and the upkeep of parks, open spaces and allotments.   Christine is to continue to cover “Planning” and “Environment” for the Association as a Committee Member.  She will also continue to be our representative on Harrow Council’s Conservation Areas Advisory Committee.

Due to the fact our AGM was postponed, Julie Waller has agreed to be Acting-Chair until such times as we can safely hold our AGM.

On a business front. 

  • Sougtani  (TMP London’s Best Restaurant Regional Winners for 2018) are now open for deliveries and take-away. Good news for those that are getting feed up of home cooking and fancy a change.
  • Friends Restaurant are also open for deliveries only.

Check our COVID-19 restaurant page for a list of all restaurants offering delivery or take away service.

  • Peter Brooks of Brooks Pinner was heard talking to Jo Good on BBC Radio London about being regional winners at the recent British Book Awards. They might be closed but you can order on line.
  • Bodywise have informed me that they have several types of hand sanitizers and facemasks available.

If there are other local shops that are open that we might have missed from our page or shops that  have changed their opening hours; please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Support Your Local Businesses – Weekly Round up.

Whilst many of our local businesses are learning to adapt in what must be difficult times.

We’ve been busy finding out what they are up to and have added a few more entries to our COVID-19 pages.

If you’ve run out of reading material you are able to order new books on-line via the Brooks Pinner website.

If you need jewellery for a loved one. R Trusselle, Red dot and De’paul Jewellery all have an online presence.

If you need flowers for that special occasion – ring Mansi’s.

The two clothes shops in the High Street all have an on-line presence.

If you are in need of a pick me up. Bodywise are the place to go. Please ring them before you venture out.

Feed up of having to cook every night and fancy a change, visit the restuarants page – yes you can order from Friends restuarant and other local restuarants.

Looking at social media posts this week, I’ve noticed in increase request for emergency dentisty. Vist our health page as we have the answer.

Take care and stay safe.


Waxwell Lane Car Park – Work to Resume

We have received noticifaction from Harrow Council Regeneration Team that AMCM (now Claritas) intend to return to the site before the end of the month.

“Good Morning Pinner Association,

I write to provide an update on the Waxwell Lane redevelopment.  I received notification late yesterday from AMCM (who are now known as Claritas) that they intend to return to the Waxwell Lane site before the end of the month.  From next week, the site manager will be on site preparing the site and conducting risk assessments but before they are fully mobilised, Claritas will need to demonstrate to the council and its consultant team that they are compliant with government guidelines on social distancing.

I am in discussion with Claritas about their plans to remobilise and will update you and the Pinner community once I know more.  I just wanted to give you all an early communication. “

We have replied with the following:-

“Thank you for the update and for discussing with Claritas (previously AMCM) how they intend to practice correct social distancing on the site once the work recommences.   I anticipate that we may need to reassure the nearby residents that they will not be put at any additional risk by the construction works, as many are in the age group that have been told that they are particularly at risk from the complications of infection by Covid-19.

We look forward to further updates giving information about the agreed social distancing precautions to be taken on and around the Waxwell Lane car park site and how compliance with these agreed precautions will be verified.”

Keep Your Money Safe Online and Offline

Keep Your Money Safe Online and Offline

Dear Watch Member,

The closure of many businesses and changes in most people’s routines has presented new opportunities to criminals looking to commit fraud and cybercrime. Those working from home or furloughed are likely to see more fraudulent emails, SMS messages or bogus callers.

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the fact that more people are at home due to social distancing measures. Naturally they will be easier to target by bogus callers who look to commit burglaries by distracting the occupant or posing as someone from the water board or gas supplier. People will also be spending more time online, making them more susceptible to online fraud, such as phishing emails, bogus text messages and social media posts.

Follow these tips to avoid falling victim to fraud:

  • Don’t respond to emails or texts out of the blue asking you for your personal or financial info
  • Don’t respond to messages asking you to “confirm” or “verify” your personal or financial details – this is a common tactic used by criminals
  • Create strong passwords using three random words. For example such as a fruit, a colour, and make of car i.e. Yellowappleford1! Use passwords with over 15 characters, using upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.
  • Use a different password for every login and use either a password manager or if you don’t want to / can’t do that write them down if you can’t remember them. If you do write them down don’t leave your password list in plain sight.
  • Use two factor authentication wherever this is an option, which requires two different methods to prove your identity before you can access a service. This is usually a password and another method, such as a code sent to your mobile phone.

For more simple tips on how to protect yourself online, visit www.cyberaware.gov.uk.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team