Support Your Local Businesses – Weekly Round up.

Whilst many of our local businesses are learning to adapt in what must be difficult times.

We’ve been busy finding out what they are up to and have added a few more entries to our COVID-19 pages.

If you’ve run out of reading material you are able to order new books on-line via the Brooks Pinner website.

If you need jewellery for a loved one. R Trusselle, Red dot and De’paul Jewellery all have an online presence.

If you need flowers for that special occasion – ring Mansi’s.

The two clothes shops in the High Street all have an on-line presence.

If you are in need of a pick me up. Bodywise are the place to go. Please ring them before you venture out.

Feed up of having to cook every night and fancy a change, visit the restuarants page – yes you can order from Friends restuarant and other local restuarants.

Looking at social media posts this week, I’ve noticed in increase request for emergency dentisty. Vist our health page as we have the answer.

Take care and stay safe.