Waxwell Lane Car Park will be permanently shut from the end of October.

The Pinner Association have been informed by Harrow Council that the Waxwell Lane car park will be closing at the end of the month with the main contractor for the building works, to construct twenty mews style town houses, taking ownership of the site with immediate effect.   This will mean that access will be unavailable for any vehicles and persons from 31 October 2019, apart from the contractor’s staff working at the site.

We have been told several times previously that the Waxwell Lane car park was to close, and on each occasion the closure has been delayed.  However, this time it appears that the car park really will shut permanently at the end of this month.


Filming in Pinner Recreation Ground, West End Lane – 25th October.

The Pinner Association have been informed by Harrow Council that filming will be taking place within the children’s playground area at Pinner Recreation Ground, West End Lane, on Friday 25th October 2019 from approx. 8 am until 2 pm in the afternoon.

The filming will sequence two actors sitting on the swings in dialogue and will be supported by a small film crew using handheld cameras with two technical vehicles parked on the hard standing pavement.

Notices will be displayed in advance to forewarn users of the park.

Filming in Pinner High Street Saturday 5th October

Filming will be taking place within a café on High Street Pinner on Saturday 5th October 2019.

A film crew will be filming a commercial for a well-known car company.  The majority of the filming will take place within the café but cameras will be positioned on the pavement to film a car pulling into a suspended row of bays.

Harrow Council do not anticipate any disruption to normal traffic but pedestrians walking on the footway directly outside the café maybe asked to hold during these filming sequences.

Approx. 40 bays within Waxwell Lane Car Park will not be available for public use on Saturday but the remainder of the car park is open to the public as normal.

Flood Warning in Pinner

River Pinn and Woodridings Stream

Flood alert in force now

Flooding is possible – be prepared

We are currently seeing some heavy rainfall in the London area. There are further showers expected later this evening that will clear overnight into tomorrow, Wednesday 02 October. Most rivers in the Pinn catchment have fallen back to normal levels, although some still remain high. Further rain could cause levels to increase again, although no flooding to properties is forecast. We are closely monitoring the situation and will issue Flood Warnings if required. Take care near the areas of concern and monitor your local weather conditions. We are continuing to monitor river levels and have staff in the field checking for and clearing blockages in the rivers. This message will be updated by 10am tomorrow or earlier if the situation changes.

This information was last updated at 

See:  https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/target-area/062WAF28Pinn