Sad News – Band Concerts Cancelled

Unfortunately we have made the tough decision to cancel this year’s Band Concerts.  Harrow Council have banned all events on public land for the foreseeable future. The Bands wouldn’t be able to practice and lastly we took a pragmatic view that when the lockdown is eased, it might be a while before large gatherings are again permitted.  Don’t worry,  like Pinner Fair, this is a one off occurrence. Hopefully normal service will continue next year and we can all enjoy music wafting across the park.

Pinner Fair 2020 – the final word.

Whether you are a fan of the annual fair or not; a much reduced fair graced the top of the high street yesterday. This was the location where the fair was first situated.

William Pettigrove 8th generation showman and his son
I spoke to William Pettigrove who is the 8th generation of his family to run rides at the show. He was extremely proud of this fact and his heritage.   It was his ancestors that provided the token stall during WWII.  He was very thankful that Harrow Council allowed him to maintain the family tradition of attending Pinner Fair despite the fair being granted in perpetuity with no reservation about cancellation.

Speaking to him, he stated that they had also run a token non-operational fair at Beaconsfield in order to maintain that tradition. (both have royal charters).

The historic organ playing music started with “Always look on the bright side of things” which wasn’t lost on me.

The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain would have loved to have run the ride but the representative from Harrow Council who was in attendance said “No”. This wasn’t possible.

Historic Organ

The Vicar of the parish Church, blessing the showmen.

In keeping with tradition the Vicar from Pinner Church came out to bless the showmen.

Next year they hope to be back here with a full contingent of rides


The Fair Must Go On!

Message from the Showman’s Guild regarding Pinner Fair.

“Harrow Council spoke to the Showman’s Guild last Friday regarding the Pinner Fair.

The Showman’s Guild remains compliant with the Government guidelines with regards to social distancing and respects the well-being and safety of the public.
With these restrictions in place, the Guild fully understands that large gatherings are not permitted in public places.

Notwithstanding Royal Charter or not, in order to retain certainty to maintain this historic Charter Fair, which was granted circa 1336, the London & Home Counties Section of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain have requested a token appearance.

Having consulted with colleagues regarding current slightly more relaxed government guidance and restrictions we are permitting a small token appearance in Pinner for 2-3 hours on the 27th May 2020.
The Showman’s Guild will be building up a small juvenile ride (not operational), a vintage fairground lorry and hopefully a fairground musical organ to represent the annual street fair. We will be suspending five parking bays (see below) by the High Street War Memorial and setting up the ride in the parking bays and a portion of the footway.

The reason for the fairground equipment being in place is not for profit or gain, but simply to maintain this historic event.”

EasyJet Data Breach

Dear Watch Member,

On Tuesday 19th May it was reported that EasyJet had suffered a massive data breach. Nine million customer records and over 2000 credit card details were subsequently stolen.

If you have ever been an EasyJet customer then be alert for phishing emails and text messages advising you to click on a link.

Stop and think!

Be wary of any telephone calls purporting to be from EasyJet.

EasyJet have officially stated they will be contacting customers, but just be prepared for the unofficial phishing email.

For further information visit

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team

HS2 Road Work Schedule 2020

We have received the following Information about HS2 roadworks.

TBM Power Supply work has started

Work to start week beginning 18 May 2020 and last until the end of July 2020.

UKPN undertook some trial holes during the late summer and autumn of 2019 along the line of the cabling route. The result of the trial holes allowed them to understand the ground condition and confirm existing utilities. 

During this current Covid-19 outbreak, UKPN, in conjunction with both Harrow and Hillingdon London Boroughs, will prioritise work at road junctions due to vehicle numbers being significantly reduced in the area. This work will involve digging a trench to install ducts that will carry the power cable.  

The affected road junctions will be:


  • Rayners Lane roundabout to Whittington Way – starting 26 May to 11 June
  • Whittington Way over Yeading Brook – starting 12 June to 19 June
  • Junction between Cannon Lane and Cannonbury Avenue – starting 22 June to 29 June
  • Deane Croft Road and Field End Road junction – starting 30 June to 7 July
  • Windmill Hill and Westholme Gardens junction – starting 8 July to 15 July


  • Windmill Way intersection with Manor Way – starting 18 May to 26 May
  • Westholme Gardens, The Ridgeway and East Way junction – starting 27 May to 3 June
  • Ickenham High Street, Midcroft and Ickenham Road junction – TBC
  • The White Bear roundabout (Ickenham Road across Sharps Lane) – TBC

These dates are subject to change and if necessary updates will be made on Commonplace.

Tunnel boring machine power supply route details

Once these junctions are complete UKPN will seek to continue the work along the rest of the planned route. These works will not affect your electricity supply

Weekly Roundup 20 May 20

Sorry, it’s a bit late but I had more pressing things to do.


  • I think that there is no need to remind you that the annual Pinner Fair has been cancelled for this year.
  • Well done to West Lodge School and “the mum of the little man in the orange coat” for making it onto the good deed page of the Metro paper. It’s good to have something positive to write about.
  • The last week has seen the Recycling Centre reopen on a rota basis. For those of you in HA5 postcode area; Thursday is our day for getting down the tip.  Don’t forget to bring with you some ID showing that you live in HA5, (some coffee/tea for the long wait!).
  • Public tennis courts reopened. You can only play singles and if it’s busy play for a maximum of 1 hour. You must bring your own equipment and adhere to social distancing as much as possible.
  • For those of you subscribed to garden waste collection, don’t forget to leave your bin out with its new sticker.
  • HS2 cabling work in Pinner South ward has restarted.


On the Business front

Our local estate agents are operating again. I would suggest that you phone then to find out about their social distancing procedures. David Charles & Robson procedures are displayed on our website. COVID-19 Local Retailers.

  • Sougtani have changed their operating hours as well as Bodywise UK.
  • B away is operating on the end of the phone for those looking at planning their next holiday.
  • Greenlink express formally (Abbey Cars/Checkers) are operating.
  • The local Launderette on Marsh Road is operating normal hours.
  • Pinner Shoe Repairs is operating limited hours.
  • Shic Dry Cleaners are operating limited hours.
  • Sparkk are open.

Pinner Fair 2020 – Cancelled

I know that most of you are aware that the annual Pinner Fair has fallen victim to the current restrictions.  We have recieved emails about whether the fair will be allowed to return next year.

Below is what we have found out.

The Pinner Association was asked at the end of March by the Head of Service – Community Engagement, Harrow Council, about whether the Charter for Pinner Fair requires that a fair is held every year to continue being held in subsequent years.   We consulted Pat Clarke, our renowned local historian, who replied:

“The allegation that that if the fair does not run for a year the Charter is cancelled, is an urban myth, but one of long standing. The fair was granted in perpetuity with no reservation about cancellation.”

As it would seem that the current restrictions to control the transmission of the Covid-19 virus will still be in force at the end of May, these forbid the erection of even a small stall in, say, Bridge Street Pinner, to represent “Pinner Fair”.  However this would not result in the end of the Charter for the fair and Pinner Fair could take place in 2021.  

I hope that this explains the situation and puts your mind at rest about the need to set up “something symbolic” on Pinner Fair day.

Regards,  Ruth Boff.

Honorary Secretary, The Pinner Association.