Pinner Fair 2020 – the final word.

Whether you are a fan of the annual fair or not; a much reduced fair graced the top of the high street yesterday. This was the location where the fair was first situated.

William Pettigrove 8th generation showman and his son
I spoke to William Pettigrove who is the 8th generation of his family to run rides at the show. He was extremely proud of this fact and his heritage.   It was his ancestors that provided the token stall during WWII.  He was very thankful that Harrow Council allowed him to maintain the family tradition of attending Pinner Fair despite the fair being granted in perpetuity with no reservation about cancellation.

Speaking to him, he stated that they had also run a token non-operational fair at Beaconsfield in order to maintain that tradition. (both have royal charters).

The historic organ playing music started with “Always look on the bright side of things” which wasn’t lost on me.

The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain would have loved to have run the ride but the representative from Harrow Council who was in attendance said “No”. This wasn’t possible.

Historic Organ

The Vicar of the parish Church, blessing the showmen.

In keeping with tradition the Vicar from Pinner Church came out to bless the showmen.

Next year they hope to be back here with a full contingent of rides