Be prepared for Power Cuts should they come your way!

It seems that the powers that be have at last realised that the wind may not blow at times of peak  electricity demandand that all these expensive wind turbnies will be able to contribute and are therefore contemplating power cuts.  One of our members has already suffered and offers the following suggestions for being prepared in the event of others becoming victims:

  • Keep a supply of candles, candlesticks and matches together and remember where they are kept
  • Make sure you always top up the battery on your mobile phone as some landlines only function through an electrical power point
  • Remember that when the power goes down, WiFi is lost, but a well charged mobile can connect to the internet via 3G or 4G. 
  • Call UK Power Networks who are the “governing body” for all electrical supplies throughout the UK.  They are easy to get through to and they are able to give you information on a continuous basis, with updates of when to expect the power to return.  They send texts.
  • Follows UKpowernetworks on Twitter as they respond very quickly to tweets if you have had a power cut ;  they will direct message you back or even phone you.

Santa a great hit at West House


2014_12_13Duck Santa’s Grotto at West House, Pinner attracted over 150 children on Saturday 13th December. The event, sponsored by Alexander Watson Estate Agents, has taken place for many years and is organised by the Friends of West House.

Lucy Patten, organiser, praised Santa’s Elves who had staffed the stalls and ensured that Santa saw a regular stream of excited children. ‘Everyone pulled together and made sure the children had a wonderful time. As well as thanking our regular volunteers, I should like to welcome Niamh McEnery and the HAWI who were helping for the first time.’ The favourite stall was ‘Hook a Duck’; others included Spin the Needle and Bauble Decoration.

Commenting on the event, Niamh McEnery said, ‘I really enjoyed it and I believe the others did too.’ One parent posted on Facebook, ‘Who knew FC has a steam powered computer, I learnt something! He was a brilliant FC and no queues or ridiculous attempts to flog over-priced merchandise. Win win!!’ Other parents praised the warm and friendly atmosphere and quality of Santa’s presents.

As well as providing a local Grotto for families, the Friends of West House were raising money for the Heath Robinson Museum, due to open in the park in 2016.


Closure of Harrow Libraries

The planned closures of some libraries in Harrow was publicised in an article in the Harrow Times. Many local residents went to Pinner Library  9th December to a ‘Consultation’. The chief hatchet woman whose job is to close libraries was there.
The meeting  was very well attended, including some pupils from West Lodge School with their teacher.  Due to popular demand a proper meeting was held, rather than a one to one “drop in style” meeting.  From Harrow Council two senior officers were present, Marianne Locke, Divisional Director for Community and Cultural, and Tim Bryan, Service Manager, Libraries, Sport and Leisure, but no elected representatives.  Questions ranged from the reason for the need for Harrow Council to make such severe budget cuts and how the Council could save money on their own administration, to why Libraries were so important as centres for information and contact with the Council, and how much Libraries are valued by school pupils.
It was agreed that another meeting would be arranged at Pinner Library after Christmas, to held in the evening when a wider cross section of Library users may be able to attend, and that a senior elected representative from the Labour Party (in administration on Harrow Council) would be at that meeting to answer questions.