Be prepared for Power Cuts should they come your way!

It seems that the powers that be have at last realised that the wind may not blow at times of peak  electricity demandand that all these expensive wind turbnies will be able to contribute and are therefore contemplating power cuts.  One of our members has already suffered and offers the following suggestions for being prepared in the event of others becoming victims:

  • Keep a supply of candles, candlesticks and matches together and remember where they are kept
  • Make sure you always top up the battery on your mobile phone as some landlines only function through an electrical power point
  • Remember that when the power goes down, WiFi is lost, but a well charged mobile can connect to the internet via 3G or 4G. 
  • Call UK Power Networks who are the “governing body” for all electrical supplies throughout the UK.  They are easy to get through to and they are able to give you information on a continuous basis, with updates of when to expect the power to return.  They send texts.
  • Follows UKpowernetworks on Twitter as they respond very quickly to tweets if you have had a power cut ;  they will direct message you back or even phone you.