£4,000 Fundraising Success

Fantastic news!

Friends of Pinner Village Gardens have come first in the latest round of the Tesco Bags of Help scheme for North West London, so our guaranteed £1,000 has been converted into £4,000!

Thanks to all of you who shopped in Tesco’s, persuaded the check-out folk to give you as many blue tokens as possible, and popped said tokens into the FoPVG ‘box’.

Extra thanks to project-manager Antonia Savvides for organising everything.

Extra extra thanks to Antonia and her mother-in-law for shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Absolutely outstanding performance as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Finally, congratulations to our good friends Friends of Roxbourne Park – http://friendsofroxbourne.wixsite.com/park –  who came second and raised £2,000.

If you wish to know more about Friends Of Pinner Village Gardens, visit their website





Annual Wheelbarrow Race – Volunteers Needed!

In case you are wondering, it’s not to take part in the wheelbarrow race but to help with stewarding! This is for 22 April.

For health and safety reasons, they need to have approximately 16 stewards for the Wheel Barrow Race and the Pinner Rotary Club can provide about 10 of these. So they need about 6 more for the duration of the race.

Basically all they need is to be able-bodied and to be available for 25 minutes from 2:30 to 3:15 pm.    Plus you will get a great view of the race.

If you are able to help, contact

Steve Morrisby
Rotary Club of Pinner
Chair, RCoP Committee for St. George’s Day 2018 Event
t:  020 8866 9988
m: 07956 627827
e: [email protected]


An Opportunity to Give Back to Pinner:

An Opportunity to Give Back to Pinner:

Have you thought that this is the year that you would do something for the community that you live in?  Look no further…   The Pinner Association AGM and elections of committee members will take place at our Open Meeting to be held at 8pm on Wednesday 18th April in the Pinner Village Hall, Chapel Lane car park… We are looking for new committee members who wish to take an active interest/role in the place where they live.   We meet eleven times per year to discuss and take action on a wide range of topics every one or two months, including:

  • Planning, including Pinner’s Conservation Areas
  • Environment, covering Pinner’s parks and open spaces
  • Highways and Parking in Pinner
  • Public Transport to and from Pinner
  • Local Policing

For more information about becoming a committee member and trustee of The Pinner Association, and for a Nomination Form to stand for the committee at our AGM, please contact:  [email protected]