£4,000 Fundraising Success

Fantastic news!

Friends of Pinner Village Gardens have come first in the latest round of the Tesco Bags of Help scheme for North West London, so our guaranteed £1,000 has been converted into £4,000!

Thanks to all of you who shopped in Tesco’s, persuaded the check-out folk to give you as many blue tokens as possible, and popped said tokens into the FoPVG ‘box’.

Extra thanks to project-manager Antonia Savvides for organising everything.

Extra extra thanks to Antonia and her mother-in-law for shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Absolutely outstanding performance as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Finally, congratulations to our good friends Friends of Roxbourne Park – http://friendsofroxbourne.wixsite.com/park –  who came second and raised £2,000.

If you wish to know more about Friends Of Pinner Village Gardens, visit their website