Planning Application to build Flats in Pinner Memorial Park

Planning Application to build Flats in Pinner Memorial Park

A planning application has been submitted to demolish “West House Lodge” – the privately owned small house, once a part of the historic West House estate, next to the Heath Robinson Museum in Pinner Memorial Park – and construct a block of five flats in a building of two storeys with further flats at the roof level positioned further back on the site than the current Lodge and occupying the full width of the plot.   The new flats, which would be much higher and more massive than the existing building and would extend behind the aviary, well beyond the building line of West House and the new Museum, would be clearly visible from and overlook the Peace Garden, the children’s playground and the lawn terrace of Daisy’s café (see picture).

View from lawn terrace of Daisy’s – the proposed new block of flats would be clearly visible behind the aviary and Museum building

Pinner Memorial Park is a greatly loved and well used local amenity.   The part of the park that includes West House was purchased by public subscription in 1949 as a war memorial for those who had fallen in both World Wars.  In 1995 the Peace Garden was planted to be a haven of tranquillity and dedicated as a memorial to the 50th anniversary of the ending of WWII.  The park is administered by Harrow Council as trustees of the registered charity the “Pinner Memorial Park Trust”, the charitable aims of which are:

Land held in perpetuity as an open space laid out with a minimum of disturbance to its natural and rural beauty solely for the recreation benefit and use of the public in memory of the fallen of Pinner of both world wars ….”.

If you and your family use Pinner Memorial Park and enjoy the beauty and peace of this valued open space so near to central Pinner you may wish view and comment on the planning application to build flats within the park.  This can be done by visiting the Harrow Council Planning Services webpage:

and clicking on the link to “view and comment on planning applications” and then entering the reference P/0173/18 in the left-hand search box on the “quick search” page.