The Pinner Association is getting an increasing number of reports from Pinner residents and businesses about problems with rats in gardens and around waste bins, etc..  We understand that Harrow Council is liaising with the Environment Agency about the control of the number of rats living in and around the River Pinn, and is also advising businesses in central Pinner about the control of these vermin.  The advice from the Harrow Council Environmental Health Team Leader about the action to take should anyone be having problems with rats is contained in their “Pest Control Leaflet” as follows:Rats

New Parking Restrictions

Amendments to Parking Restrictions in Pinner

Following the review of the operation of the revised Pinner Controlled Parking Zone and other parking restrictions changed last year, the Harrow Council Traffic Officers have now published the list of amendments to the parking scheme that are to come into force from 16th May 2016:
(a) High Street – Loading bay outside Nos. 33/35 High Street, Pinner.
A new loading bay is provided outside Nos. 31 to 33/35 High Street, Pinner, with a length of 13 metres, with an operational time of 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. This is necessary to facilitate loading and unloading to businesses at the top end of the High Street. To accommodate the loading bay, the disabled bay previously outside No. 31 to 33/35 has been relocated outside No. 39 High Street, Pinner, and the previous short section of single yellow line between the previous disabled parking bay and permit bays has been removed. The disabled parking bay has a max stay duration of three hours, and operates between 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday.
(b) Bridge Street – existing disabled bays – Max Stay 3 hours.

In keeping with the disabled parking bays in Love Lane and High Street, Pinner, the disabled bays in Bridge Street now have a maximum stay duration of three hours.
This standardises all on-street disabled parking bays provided for shoppers in Pinner,and is consistent with those introduced in other parts of the borough in shopping centre for shoppers and not residential use.
(c) Leighton Avenue – additional Zone A permit bays.Following the previous review of the Pinner CPZ, it was identified that two additional permit bays could be provided in Leighton Avenue, increasing space for two additional cars to park during the operational times of the CPZ. Therefore, additional permit parking bays for one car each are provided outside Nos. 8 & 10, and outside No. 22 Leighton Avenue.
(d) Paines Lane – 11am to 12 noon Monday to Friday waiting restrictions between Nos. 73 and 83 Paines Lane.
Following the introduction of at any time waiting restrictions at the junction of Barrow Point Avenue and Paines Lane, and north of the narrowing near this junction, it was identified that additional restrictions were required to prevent further obstructive parking. Therefore single yellow lines operating from 11am to 12 noon Monday to Friday have been provided (the same time as the Pinner CPZ controlled times) in Paines Lane between the existing double yellow lines and a point 6.00 metres north of a point opposite the common boundary of Nos. 71 and 73 Paines Lane.
(e) Cannon Lane – Pay & Display in service road fronting Nos. 42 to 60 Cannon Lane.
The previous free parking places in the service road fronting Nos. 42 to 60 Cannon Lane have been converted to pay and display parking. The tariff is 10p per 20 minutes with a maximum stay of 2 hours, or a 20 minute free period per vehicle per day in Harrow, in line with all on-street pay and display areas throughout Harrow.


Parking Reminder

Parking in front of Crossovers (Lowered Footways/Driveways)
It is a contravention of the Traffic Management Act 2004 (as amended) to park a vehicle in front of a “Lowered Footway”.   This applies to all Lowered Footways, for example; access drives, pedestrian crossing points, cycle tracks, etc.
We all have a right to travel over a highway, but this general right does not include a right to park. Most parking controls are shown by signs and lines on the highway. But in the case of a lowered footway no signage is necessary.
No part of the vehicle must be in front of the lowered section of footway or kerb.
In the case of lowered footways that provide access to private land (residential or commercial) the enforcement service will only act if the occupier reports the offence and signs a statement, which confirms permission to park was not given.
The contravention is to park in front of a lowered footway, whether or not it can be considered to be an obstruction.
The Civil Enforcement Officer will photograph any vehicle issued with a penalty notice in case of further representation or appeal.
To report an offence, call the Parking Operations Team:

020 8424 1858 – Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm
020 8863 5611 – All other times (the Security Officer will contact Parking Operations for you by radio or telephone)