Parking Reminder

Parking in front of Crossovers (Lowered Footways/Driveways)
It is a contravention of the Traffic Management Act 2004 (as amended) to park a vehicle in front of a “Lowered Footway”.   This applies to all Lowered Footways, for example; access drives, pedestrian crossing points, cycle tracks, etc.
We all have a right to travel over a highway, but this general right does not include a right to park. Most parking controls are shown by signs and lines on the highway. But in the case of a lowered footway no signage is necessary.
No part of the vehicle must be in front of the lowered section of footway or kerb.
In the case of lowered footways that provide access to private land (residential or commercial) the enforcement service will only act if the occupier reports the offence and signs a statement, which confirms permission to park was not given.
The contravention is to park in front of a lowered footway, whether or not it can be considered to be an obstruction.
The Civil Enforcement Officer will photograph any vehicle issued with a penalty notice in case of further representation or appeal.
To report an offence, call the Parking Operations Team:

020 8424 1858 – Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm
020 8863 5611 – All other times (the Security Officer will contact Parking Operations for you by radio or telephone)