ATM Cash Trap Devices

Dear Watch Member,

We periodically receive reports of trap devices being found attached to ATMs in Pinner, so it’s always important to remain vigilant when using ATMs here or anywhere else.

ATM cash trapping is a prominent method used by cyber criminals to attack an ATM.

The criminals physically insert a device inside the ATM which traps cash that is allotted by the cash dispenser to the customers.

A fake ATM cash dispenser is placed in the front of the real cash dispenser to trap the money. The money is dispensed from the machine, but the customer doesn’t see it. It is placed in the machine for around an hour before being removed by the offender, full of cash.

The image below is an example picture of the device on the cash dispenser.

Advice would be that should anyone see this device on an ATM, to not use the machine, inform the bank and ring the Police on the non-emergency 101 number.

An image has been included below to accompany this message. If you can’t see it you may need to select “display images”. Alternatively check if it’s a separate attachment.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8721 2775

Covid Community Webinar – Harrow Council. Wednesday 24 February, 6.30-7.30pm

Harrow Council Logo

Covid Community Webinar, Wednesday 24 February, 6.30-7.30pm

The vaccination rollout is going really well in Harrow and across the country and I want to thank you again for everything you’re doing to try to help us break the chain of infection, protect our loved ones and help the NHS.

Cases are dropping in the borough, which is thanks largely to all you are doing to adhere to the restrictions in place. We have done so well following social distancing and wearing masks – but the way out of Covid is to keep testing and vaccinating. The great news is that with every jab we’re a step closer. While we will have to continue to take personal responsibility and people may still get the virus, it will significantly reduce the risk of having to go into hospital.

Both of the Covid-19 vaccines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They were trialled on nearly 100,000 people of all ages and ethnicities. Whether you have the Astra Zeneca or Pfizer vaccine, with more than 15 million people having been vaccinated with their first jab, we can be sure that the vaccine is safe.

Now is the time to encourage members of your community, friends and loved ones who have not yet had their vaccination to consider having it. Many are nervous about having it or unclear how it can save their lives. Please talk to them and explain the benefits.

Better still, encourage them to join our Covid Community Webinar next week. We are holding another of our popular information sessions next Wednesday, 6.30-7.30pm, to discuss the situation in Harrow, address their concerns about the vaccine and get people to ask their own questions.

There will be a Covid-19 update from director of Public Health Carole Furlong and details about the vaccine rollout from Dr Genevieve Small, Chair of NHS Harrow CCG. Dr Ameet Bakhai, Consultant Cardiologist and Research Director, and Cultural Historian Patrick Vernon, Independent Adviser on Equality Diversity and Inclusion for Harrow Council, will also be on the panel – and there will be addresses from CEO Sean Harriss and myself.

This important webinar is open to everyone in Harrow – please circulate this letter and the meeting details widely to all your congregation/members/service users.

Join the webinar here or phone 0330 088 5830 (webinar ID: 951 9006 7547, passcode: 559647).

Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, please continue to test regularly to fight Covid and help protect your loved ones.

I’d be grateful if you could help us to get this important message out to your network too. To help we have resources available, including information in a range of community languages. For further information about testing please see the council’s website.

Please stay safe and take every precaution to do so.


Best wishes,


Cllr Graham Henson

Leader of Harrow Council

TfL reveal London bus routes affected by driver strike

TfL have advised that some services operated by RATP Dev London in parts of west, south west and north west London may be disrupted from 22-24 February if strike goes ahead.

The London Sovereign routes, which we be affected on Monday 22 February only are: 79, 142, 183, 251, 258, 288, 303, 326, 395, 398, 642, N5, H9, H10, H11, H12, H14, H17, H18 and H19.

If you wish to see the full list Click on the link below.

Bus customers advised of potential industrial action on some routes


Beware of Pickpockets and Thefts in Supermarkets


Dear Watch Member,

Please be aware that pickpockets and opportunist thieves are operating in local supermarkets.

Victims have reported having their handbag or its contents stolen from an unattended shopping trolley. In some cases a wallet / purse or mobile phone has been taken from the outer pocket of a coat, handbag or backpack.

  • Please be aware of who is around you;
  • Never leave your handbag unattended, even for a moment;
  • Never carry large quantities of cash;
  • Keep house keys and anything with your address on separate from each other.

Please click here for more theft from person prevention advice.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8721 2775


National Insurance Scam Telephone Call

Dear Watch Member,

Please be aware of the below telephone scam currently in circulation:

“This is the National Crime Agency. We need to let you know your National Insurance number is being used for a number of frauds and we will be blocking it. You need to speak to an officer from the National Crime Agency now by pushing one (1) on your key pad.”

Please report anything suspicious to Action Fraud on the link below.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]

Waxwell Lane Car Park Development is Named – Pinnora Mews

Following a recent on line poll carried out last month, the following names were submitted to the Street Naming and Numbering Authority at Harrow Council.

  • Pinn Mews
  • Langham Mews
  • Pinnora Mews

Pinn Mews and Langham Mews were rejected by the authority. (The Royal Mail, emergency services and utility companies all get a say in the name.)

Pinnora Mews was approved.  (Pinner was originally a hamlet, first recorded in 1231 as Pinnora, although the already archaic -ora (meaning ‘hill’) suggests its origins lie no later than circa 900.)



Donation to The Centre of ADHD and Autism Support.

Last month, we had an email from someone about a post on a Facebook group about the festive lights still being on and that it was causing distress to a vulnerable person.

We were able to make direct contact with the family to ascertain the issue.  We liaised with Harrow Council Street Lighting team to ensure that the festive lights would be switched off by 29 January at the latest.

The extremely grateful resident has made a donation of £250 on behalf of the Pinner Association to The Centre of ADHD and Autism Support as a gesture of their gratitude for our help and co-operation.

If you wish to know more about work carried out at  visit their website