ATM Cash Trap Devices

Dear Watch Member,

We periodically receive reports of trap devices being found attached to ATMs in Pinner, so it’s always important to remain vigilant when using ATMs here or anywhere else.

ATM cash trapping is a prominent method used by cyber criminals to attack an ATM.

The criminals physically insert a device inside the ATM which traps cash that is allotted by the cash dispenser to the customers.

A fake ATM cash dispenser is placed in the front of the real cash dispenser to trap the money. The money is dispensed from the machine, but the customer doesn’t see it. It is placed in the machine for around an hour before being removed by the offender, full of cash.

The image below is an example picture of the device on the cash dispenser.

Advice would be that should anyone see this device on an ATM, to not use the machine, inform the bank and ring the Police on the non-emergency 101 number.

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