Future of Pinner Park Farm

Regarding the Farm public consultation  will take place at Harrow Arts Centre as follows: 25 June 1pm to 5.30pm 26 June 1pm to 9pm 27 June 1pm to 8pm Pinner Park Farm, originally a Deer Park dating back to 1273/4 and initially owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, belongs to (more…)

Fraud Awareness

This Wednesday, 4th June the Metropolitan Police is holding a Courier Fraud Awareness Day. Courier fraud is a sophisticated fraud where scammers telephone the victim purporting to be someone from their bank, the police or other law enforcement agency. They then dupe the person into revealing their PIN and handing (more…)

Great Railway Journeys

Just strolling in the Memorial Park one sunny Sunday afternoon, when we came across a small group filming for the Great Railway Journey series.  There was Mrs Marshall, the famous 19th Century cook, instructing Michael Portillo in the intricacies of  making cucumber ice cream, which we were invited to sample (more…)