Harrow Steel Open This Years Concerts.

Yesterday I must have saved enough karma as despite the weather forecast not looking good. The “weather gods” were kind to us. It was dry!

Harrow Steel serenaded and dazzled us with their skill for 2 hours in Pinner Memorial Park.

Thank you to the volunteers and our audience for making this such a wonderful afternoon.

Next week it’s Fats Rollini Jazz & Blues band turn – see you there.

HS2 Tunnel Boring Machine Supply Cable Works – Update 27th July 2019

Thanks to Cllr Richard Almond, who has attended meetings with representatives from HS2 Ltd., we have been updated about the proposed works through Pinner South to install a high capacity electrical supply cable from the Farm Avenue sub-station to Rushdene Road, and hence on to West Ruislip, to provide the power for the HS2 tunnel boring machine.

The route through Pinner South:

The trial holes along the route for these works will be approximately 1 metre square and will be dug and covered over in one day each in the week beginning 11th August 2019.  In Harrow borough they will be in Farm Avenue by the sub-station, Rayners Lane at the junction with Dukes Avenue, on the bridge over the Yeading Brook in Whittington Way, half way along St. Michael’s Crescent, and in Cannonbury Avenue near the entrance to The Croft.

The main work of trenching for the cable conduits is intended to begin in January 2020.  This work will be done in 50 metre stretches and several will probably be done at the same time with each taking about four days to complete. The trench will be about 1 metre wide and 1.5 metres deep containing a plastic pipe through which 2 cables (1 a back-up) will be pulled when the entire trench is complete.

It is intended to hold drop-in sessions for representatives from HS2 Ltd to discuss these works with residents in Harrow borough, and Cannon Lane Methodist Church Hall is a possible venue for these meetings.   Further information about any meetings will be posted as soon as this is available.

Credit Card Fraud – Beware!

There seems to be a lot of credit card fraud in Pinner and Ruislip.

Unknown people are applying for cards in your name.  As soon as this has been authorised for a credit card they are completing a balance transfer. This is without activating the card.

The first you will know about it is when the credit cards that you didn’t apply for land on your door mat.

Band Concerts Start this Sunday.

This weekend is that start of the “Concert in the Park” season.  Harrow Steel will be playing at 2:30pm in the Pinner Memorial Park.

Whilst there will be a limited number of chairs for hire; bring your picnic, chairs.

The Heath Robinson Museum will be staying open until 5pm for the band concerts – so do visit!

There will be a bucket collection for West House and Heath Robinson Museum so now will be the chance to get rid of your lose change.


Opportunist Thefts From Motor Vehicles


Message from PSCO O’Brien

We have recently noticed an increase in opportunist thefts from motor vehicles across the Pinner area. Due to the recent hot weather, we would like to remind you to take extra precaution when leaving your vehicle/s parked either at home or in a public place.

We encourage you to check that unattended vehicles are locked and secure and to make sure that no items are left on display. This extends to the more mundane items such as sunglasses, items of clothing and documentation.

If you are employing a builder, gardener or other labourer, please advise them to always lock their work vehicle/s whenever they are left unattended.

Vehicle registration plates may also be removed from your vehicle, likely to be transferred to another vehicle for unscrupulous behaviour such as to commit crime or avoid congestion charges. You may wish to consider exploring options to secure your own number plate, such as making a small purchase to secure a ‘number plate security kit’. Kits are available online or from  more local retailers.

Alternatively, visit Pinner Police Station to obtain FREE anti-theft registration plate screws.