Opportunist Thefts From Motor Vehicles


Message from PSCO O’Brien

We have recently noticed an increase in opportunist thefts from motor vehicles across the Pinner area. Due to the recent hot weather, we would like to remind you to take extra precaution when leaving your vehicle/s parked either at home or in a public place.

We encourage you to check that unattended vehicles are locked and secure and to make sure that no items are left on display. This extends to the more mundane items such as sunglasses, items of clothing and documentation.

If you are employing a builder, gardener or other labourer, please advise them to always lock their work vehicle/s whenever they are left unattended.

Vehicle registration plates may also be removed from your vehicle, likely to be transferred to another vehicle for unscrupulous behaviour such as to commit crime or avoid congestion charges. You may wish to consider exploring options to secure your own number plate, such as making a small purchase to secure a ‘number plate security kit’. Kits are available online or from  more local retailers.

Alternatively, visit Pinner Police Station to obtain FREE anti-theft registration plate screws.