Pinner Village Show – Cancelled!

We have received the following message from the President of Pinner Rotary Club.

“After careful consideration we have decided to cancel this year’s Village Show scheduled for 12th September.

The government’s current guidelines would need to be relaxed significantly for us to be allowed to hold the event.  In the time remaining between now and September, it seems unlikely that sufficient change will occur for us to plan a safe and secure event, even one much reduced in size.

The Show has become a regular feature of the community’s calendar and we’re disappointed that we can’t host our usual day of fun and entertainment.

We plan to arrange a local event when conditions allow, with the next target being our traditional Santa’s Sleigh tours. Let’s hope this will be possible in some format.

I trust you are keeping well.

With best wishes,

Rotary Club of Pinner

Weekly Roundup 26 July 20.


Well what can I say; Pinner Memorial Park is considered the worst park for litter in Harrow by the Green Team that empties the bins.  This isn’t something to be proud of. If the bins are full please take your rubbish home. (In case you ask, they are visiting all parks more often with a reduced team)

We have placed posters at the key entrances to the park with the help of The Heath Robinson Museum and talked to most of the local take away outlets – they were happy to display a poster provided for them reminding people to dispose of their litter responsibly.

Having emailed Graham Henson – Leader of the Council, he informed me “The enforcement officers are visiting the parks and if they see people dropping litter, or even leaving it by the side of the bin, they will face a fine.  They will also be checking receipts left in the rubbish and sending fines through the post, which will hopefully educate them of the error of their ways. “  Let’s not be No 1 for fines!

Business/Shop wise.

  • Code Ninjas officially launched last Saturday after a delay – we wish you the very best. Interested in getting your kids to code visit
  • Those of you needing some exercise Better Gym’s has reopened
  • Ellie’s Antiques is also open
  • Up at Pinner Green Newspoint Newsagents & Post Office is open.
  • For people that enjoy visiting Charity Shops: RSPCA & St Luke’s Hospice have joined Barnardo’s & Oxfam in being open. I’ve yet to hear from Mary’s Living and Giving & Sue Ryder shop to their plans.
  • On the food front, you can now sit and have a coffee at Caffè Nero.
  • Pinner Chef (Chinese in Cannon Lane) has reopened under new management. Steve is back after a few years away.
  • Sakee & Thai Villa are now doing table service but with limited hours and bookings only.
  • Fridolin’s are reopening for selected treatments and are hoping to offer a full service in August
  • Earth White staff are busy preparing to reopen.
  • Heath Robinson Museum still has no firm date as to when they will reopen, but they hope next month.

Questions have been asked about the status of the closed shops and restaurants on the High Street.

Carluccio’s and Café Rouge have been confirmed as shutting. Pizza Express had stated that they planned to reopen at the end of July, sadly I don’t think this will be the case. Zizzi have stated that “there are no plans to reopen their Pinner Restaurant just yet”.

Thank goodness for The Queens Head, Café Sombra, Shaketastic and  Foodiewuwdies for bringing some vibrancy to the High Street.  Thank you.



Catalytic Converter Thefts In Pinner.


Dear Watch Member,

In recent weeks, there has been a rise in the theft of catalytic converters in the Pinner area. Thieves have been targeting specific models, namely pre-2008 Honda Jazz models, Toyota Prius (2004 to 2016 inclusive models) and Toyota Arius (2012 to 2018 inclusive models).

We would like to offer the below crime prevention advice to help reduce your chances of being a victim of this crime:-
• Lock your car in a garage when parked at night.
• If using a garage is not possible, park close to fences, walls or a kerb with the exhaust being closest to the fence, wall or kerb to make theft difficult.
• Consider fitting CCTV on your home or driveway, to help deter thieves.
• Use PIR or LED security lighting to make your vehicle more visible and this can also act as a deterrent.
• If your catalytic converter is bolted on, consider having the bolts welded to make removal difficult.
• Fit protective coverings on catalytic converters, such as the Toyota manufactured CATLOC device, (these are made for Toyota Prius models made between 2004 and 2009), as these can make it much more difficult for thieves.
• Have your catalytic converter etched or forensically marked, and put stickers in the windscreen to advertise this.
• Noisy gravel on your drive can help deter a would-be thief, as they do not want to alert you to their approach.

We urge the public to remain vigilant and report incidents of suspected catalytic converter theft, particularly where people are trying to get under cars in public car parks or on public roads. If you see this happening, please call 999 immediately.

Please find attached further vehicle crime prevention advice.

Vehicle Crime Prevention Advice

New Kid On The Block

After waiting patiently to complete their refit, Code Ninjas replaces Luke Ormsby as the new kids on the block.

Welcome to Pinner guys!

Nearly finished the refit.

Code Ninjas Pinner will open on Saturday (18th July), on Bridge Street in Pinner. The business is owned by four local dads and long-term friends, Prasad Prabhakaran, Srinivasa Rao, Sridhar Bhat and Sharath Iyer.

  • Code Ninjas Pinner will teach kids aged 5-14 how to code, build video games, robots and drones
  • The team decided to start their own kid’s coding centre when researching after-school coding groups for their own coding-obsessed children
  • When there we no local providers offering the fun and engaging sessions they were looking for, they took matters into their own hands!
  • All four have lived locally for years and are looking forward to bringing kids coding education and employment to the area
  • To ensure the safety of their students, they’ve put considerable safety measures in place, ensuring social distancing guidelines are adhered to whilst also maintaining the fun environment in their centre.



Thank you

Some of local residents might have been sheilding during the current lock-down but that hasn’t stopped then raising money for Harrow Foodbank.


This is a message of “thanks” to every one that has donated from Janet Mote.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to all those people who have helped Capt Tom & Harrow Food Bank.

My husband and I have shielded since the beginning of March so empting cupboards & Growing extra tomatoes about 75 altogether & 20 Cauliflowers to put on our wall. With no Charity shops open and us shielding our only way of helping the community is by putting goods on our wall ! We will continue as life progresses so look out for more goods!”

Weekly Roundup 15 July 20

Well, sorry to start with this reminder but I think it’s required.

I know that the parks have been the saviour of a lot of people during lock down and that as a local amenity they are being used more than ever.

The council have put on additional collections to empty the bins in the parks but it’s also up to you.

If the bins are full, don’t leave your rubbish in bags next to the bins as the foxes, magpies etc. have a field day and the litter is scattered around the park.  Take your rubbish home with you.   One person commented to me on Sunday as I collected five bags of litter from Pinner Memorial Park that it was “embarrassing the amount of rubbish scattered across the park”.

The parks are for the enjoyment of everyone; I know that I wouldn’t enjoy sitting amongst the rubbish. Thank you for your understanding.

On a business front

Code Ninjas on Bridge Street are opening for business this weekend.  Code Ninjas Pinner will teach kids aged 5-14 how to code, build video games, robots and drones. Maybe something for the summer holidays!  Welcome to Pinner.

Most of our Nail bars have reopened for business; don’t forget that you will need to ring for an appointment.

Natural Healthcare has reopened but are appointments only as are Herbs and Acupuncture


Charity shop wise. Barnados and Oxfam have reopened for business. RSPCA and St Luke’s Hospice will be reopening next week. Please don’t leave donations outside the shops and ring then before making a donation. Before you ask, I haven’t heard back from “St Mary’s living and giving

Lines of Pinner and Raydel Carpets are open for business by appointments only

Not to be forgotten are the local business that reside on the High Street or Bridge Street. A lot of these have been busy working from home. Collins & Hoy are now open by appointments only.  Another new discovery is that T.P. Law have taken up residency above Andrew Pearce – again welcome to Pinner.

You might have noticed that Pinner has gone continental as tables and chair adorn our pavements.  Thanks to the council for allowing this to happen.

Ahmisa the Vegan Café, Augustina’s, Silver Grill Café & La Cucina have at last reopened.

Friend’s restaurant and the Thai Villa have not yet reopened for table service but are still doing takeaways and deliveries.

Weekly Roundup 3 July 20


Wow, what a week this has been: on a personal front, my father had to have an emergency operation after he fell and broke his hip. I told him it was a bit of an extreme way to get a change of scenery and food. He did agree.

Welcome back everyone.

So many businesses have reopened so I’m going to do this by categories.


I know that from tomorrow we will start to see people again with smart haircuts as most of our hairdressers are reopening.  You will need to ring them for an appointment.

We also welcome our latest hairdressers Luke Ormsby who at last is able to open

Details of what they are up to can be found on our COVID-19 Hairdressers etc. page Hairdressers


I have had confirmation that the following restaurants are reopening on the 4 July again you will need to book a table. Some might be fully booked.

  • Zaza
  • Yaprak
  • K5 Lounge
  • Sougtani
  • Augustina’s
  • Daisy’s in the park
  • Caffe Amici
  • Ahimsa the vegan cafe reopens 9 July
  • Friends are still doing deliver service while carrying out some refurbishments; they are planning to reopen in August
  • Pizza Express are planning to open late July

Unfortunnatley we have had confirmation that Cafe Rouge and Carluccio’s will not be reopening. I’m still trying to find out what Zizzi are doing.

Full details of all of our cafes, restaurants & takeaways can be found on our COVID-19 Restaurants etc. page Restaurants etc


With so many of our local retailers have reopened that I don’t want to bore you with the complete list! Here are a few that have reopened.

  • The Print Shop – Lee has a new website for businesses that are in urgent need of anything printing to be done
  • B-away have reopened but with reduced hours
  • Passion Boutique are open and have a sale.
  • Saryan Picture Framing is now open but appointments only
  • Raydel Carpets have reopened but appointments only

BrOOK’s attended the virtual book awards this week as the London Regional Independent Book retailer of the year. Unfortunately they didn’t win but we must be proud of their achievement in such a short space of time.

For all other changes to do with our retailers visit COVID-19 Local Retailers

All things health

Many of our opticians are again open but strictly appointments only. We have also received notification that the Pinner Osteopath is again operating.

Dentists are open but like West House Dental, it’s strictly appointments only

Full details of the changes can be found All things health

Trades etc.

My Dream Kitchen, Mobalpa & Dream Doors have reopened

Kaylex have extended their opening hours.

Full details of the changes can be found Trades & Kitchens


Unfortunately banks are yet to extend their opening hours

Last but not least.


All of the local pubs are scheduled to reopen on 6 July so you will have to wait a bit longer to test out the new rules.

In case you have forgotten the names of our local pubs here they are.

  • The Queens Head
  • The Oddfellows Arms
  • Pinner Arms
  • Pinner Green Social Club