Harrow Libraries

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN HARROW LIBRARIES – FOR INFORMATION Changes agreed at Harrow Council Meeting on 6th June. The Civic Centre Library is to close end of July and merge into Gayton Library (in St John’s Road) some time in August. The local History Collection will move to the Headstone Manor (more…)

69 West End Lane

The proposed development at 69 West End Lane has been refused for the following reason: The proposed development, by reason its excessive bulk, height and scale and its close proximity to the public highway, would appear as an overly dominant, incongruous and conspicuous addition to the streetscene to the detriment of (more…)


On 22 May an appeal for funds to help to extend West House, to allow The William Heath Robinson’s collection of Heath Robinson’s original works to be appropriately displayed, was launched at the Chris Beetles Gallery in Ryder Street, St James’s.  The cost of this is expected to be £1.5million. (more…)

69 West End Lane

Although the permission for the construction of 6 flats, which was agreed by the council some years ago, recently expired, this has been renewed by the potential developer with the following result of a new planning application: See P/0905/13 on http://www.harrow.gov.uk/planningsearch/lg/plansearch.page?org.apache.shale.dialog.DIALOG_NAME=planningsearch&Param=lg.Planning&searchType=quick (more…)

Pinner marks St George’s Day on 21 April

                                                     Crowds in the shadow of the recently restored church The St George’s Day Celebrations in Pinner were marked by some brilliant weather which encouraged a large crowd to attend. In addition to St George (on her horse) the Mayor of Harrow was in attendance. In addition to St George and a (more…)

Pinner Assn AGM

Attendance hit all records on 17 April when the formal business of the AGM was followed by two speakers. Stephen Kelly, the Divisional Director for Planning from Harrow Council  addressed the meeting on the subject of the planning policy of the Council, with particular reference to the recent changes in Central (more…)