Met Line Closures w/e 27 & 28 March 2021

On Saturday 27 March – there will be no service on the Met line after 6pm

On Sunday 28 March there will be no service on the Met line.

Please use Jubilee line services between Central London and Wembley Park. Replacement buses will operate.

  • Service ML1: Wembley Park – Preston Road – Kenton – Northwick Park (Hospital) – Harrow-on-the-Hill – South Harrow – Rayners Lane – Eastcote – Ruislip Manor – Ruislip – West Ruislip (for Central line and Chiltern Railways) – Ickenham – Hillingdon – Uxbridge;
  • Service ML2: Harrow-on-the-Hill – North Harrow (Pinner Road) – Pinner – Northwood Hills – Northwood – Rickmansworth – Croxley – WatfordService ML3: Rickmansworth – Chorleywood – Chalfont & Latimer – Amersham
  • Service ML6: Amersham – Chesham

Catalytic Converter Theft

Dear Watch Member,

Catalytic converter theft is part of a national crimewave currently sweeping the country. Although some arrests were recently made – as detailed in this link ( – offenders are still targeting parked cars in the street and it is hard to pinpoint where they will strike. We do know that some preferred model of vehicles targeted are Honda, Toyota and Lexus.

Why is there a sudden increase in this type of theft? Metal theft has been an issue in the past and the introduction of scrap metal licenses in 2013 did appear to significantly reduce crime. The value of precious metals contained inside a catalytic converter has risen dramatically. It is suspected that stolen catalytic converters are being sold on the black market.

The actual thefts can take as little as two minutes to execute, quite often involving someone with a hydraulic trolley jack. If you are not sure what these look like they are what the mechanics use in the pit lanes of a grand prix race to raise the car. The offender will then climb underneath the car to use a cordless electric saw or angle grinder to cut through the exhaust to retrieve the catalytic converter, which is why some residents have reported hearing a loud noise or drilling. Anyone seen jacking up a car in the street like this should be reported to police straight away.

An anti-theft stainless steel plate can be fitted to the underneath of your car to protect the catalytic converter. It is worth contacting your dealer for a quote. We can recommend CATLOC from ‘Secured by Design’ which is an official police security initiative. Please click on the below link for further information.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]

Trading Standards Issue Warning Over Census Form Scam


Dear Watch Member,

Trading Standards have issued a warning, after receiving reports from victims who claim to have been contacted by someone purporting to be from the authority, and acting on behalf of the Office of National Statistics.

The caller suggested that the individual’s Census form was completed incorrectly, and they had to pay a fine. The caller asked for basic identification details, which they said was to confirm the Census record, and the individual’s bank details, so they could process the fine.

The Office of National Statistics are aware of similar scams in other parts of the country where money has been taken from an individual’s bank account. The Office of National Statistics have warned that they would never ask for this type of personal information.

You will only be contacted about the Census by letter – never by text or phone.

When filling in the Census you will be asked for personal information such as your date of birth, your occupation and where you live. You will never be asked to provide your national insurance number or financial details.

If you wish to report attempted scams go to 

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]

Have your say on the future of Harrow’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes

Harrow Council Logo

The Covid-19 pandemic created new challenges in Harrow, including the need to socially distance.

In May 2020 the Government issued guidance for local authorities to take immediate action to create space for people to socially distance and encourage walking and cycling while public transport was at reduced capacity.

Four temporary low traffic neighbourhood schemes (LTN) were put in place, following government guidance to create space for people to socially distance, making streets safer, quieter and less polluted and encourage walking and cycling while public transport was at reduced capacity. The LTNs were introduced in areas which have suffered historically from vehicular traffic using residential streets as cut-throughs, causing environmental and road safety problems for residents.

The schemes were implemented using experimental traffic regulation orders (ETRO) for trial periods of six-months.

We have engaged with residents, ward councillors and key stakeholders including the emergency services throughout the trial periods. The Council has committed to holding monthly reviews and a consultation as part of the six-month review process.

As we near the six-month review, we would like your views as to how we progress with the schemes.

All residents living within the Headstone South, Vaughan Road and Francis Road LTNs and the surrounding roads will receive consultation documents through the door from Thursday 25 February.

Read more about the LTN proposals:

For full information about the proposed LTN’s click on the link below:-