Walk & Talk in Pinner Memorial Park – 01/11/22

Dear Watch Member,

On Tuesday 1st November at 12pm we will be holding a Walk & Talk in Pinner Memorial Park, Pinner. The meeting point will be by the bird aviary.

Walk & Talks are open to women aged 18 and above, living or working in London, who would like to go for a walk with an officer in their local area and discuss their views on women’s safety.

Those who take part in a Walk & Talk can share their views and experiences with officers as they walk through any areas they may feel vulnerable in. Patrols can take place at any time, including those where there is less footfall, traffic and light so officers can get a real sense of what their thoughts are.

The aim of Walk & Talks is to start a conversation between members of the public and officers so we can listen and respond to concerns.

If you can attend we look forward to seeing you.

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Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8721 2775

Home Security Advice This Fortnight


Dear Watch Member,

Autumn is well and truly here and after the clocks go back at 2am on Sunday 30th October, the dark early evenings will be here too.

Before then, this Monday sees the start of Diwali, during which many celebrants will be taking jewellery and other valuable items out of secure storage to wear in public places. After the festival of light, it’s Halloween and Bonfire Night respectively.

Therefore, there will be a fortnight of fireworks and families leaving their home to visit temples, go trick-or-treating or attend fireworks displays and social events. This provides increasing opportunities for criminals to commit burglary and use the noise of fireworks to mask forced entry into homes.

If a home is left unlit during hours of darkness, burglars know that a property is empty, so we are encouraging you to follow home security advice throughout the autumn and winter months.

We advise you to consider installing some of the affordable security devices which are currently available. There’s a variety of inexpensive security lights and wi-fi-enabled doorbell and interior cameras, fitted with motion sensors, which enable you to monitor your home remotely using your phone. These kinds of devices can be easily installed at minimal expense and have helped to deter burglaries and in some cases led to offenders being arrested.

You can make your home more secure by following the advice on the attached leaflet and going to www.met.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/.

For those of you with family members who speak Punjabi or Hindi, you / they may find the attached leaflets useful.

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Lee O’Brien

Planning applications for new 5G telecom masts

The Pinner Association are aware of two new planning applications for new 5G telecom masts and accompanying cabinets on grass verges in residential roads in Pinner, one in Moss Lane near the corner of Terrilands and the other in North Way at the junction with High View (Harrow Council ref. P/3058/22 and P/3502/22). We are examining these “prior approval” applications and will submit our comments.

Links to the Harrow Council Planning webpages for these application (note addresses given on applications are incorrect):