Remembrance Sunday Service 10th November 2019

The sun shone brightly on Pinner High Street this morning where a large crowd gathered at the War Memorial to attend the Remembrance Sunday Service, observe the two minute silence and see wreaths laid by representatives from local government, the armed services, the local police and fire service, local community organisations and the local scouts and guides and schools.

The Pinner Association assisted the United Services Club in the organisation of this annual act of remembrance, and we wish to particularly thank Caroline Ennis, our volunteer who so kindly undertook much of the administration for the event.

Met Police – News Letter

Dear Resident,

Apologies for the late distribution of this newsletter (again), but I try and write it in between all the other things I need to do. Anyway, here is some of what we did in September.

Unfortunately, the last month of summer has not been a good month for burglary statistics and more importantly those residents who have experienced a burglary.

In total the Pinner area had three attempted residential burglaries; in Howards Close; Rickmansworth Road; and Ringwood Close respectively; and twelve burglaries; one in West End Lane, Tewkesbury Avenue, High View, St Michaels Crescent, Eastcote Road, Marsh Road, Glover Road and Whittington Way respectively. Two occurred in Albury Drive and Paines Lane.

The majority of these burglaries occurred during the hours of darkness. Entry to properties is often gained by smashing a rear patio door or window, and access to the rear of these properties is usually gained through unlocked side gates or by climbing over them.

With the dark nights now well and truly upon us, it is important to illuminate your home and give it the ‘lived-in look’, which can often deter the majority of burglars who like the cover of darkness. Whether you are at home watching the latest iteration of the Hallowe’en franchise or out walking the dog, please give the impression your home is occupied.

Obviously, using timer switches or smart technology alone won’t prevent a burglary happening; not even the presence of a burglar alarm can, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put security measures in place. You will never know if your home security has deterred a burglar, but you will know when it hasn’t.

Please take some time to assess your home’s security and proactively address any vulnerabilities you identify. For burglary and all types of crime prevention advice please click on this link:

Neighbourhood Watch / OWL
There is a new neighbourhood watch scheme in town which I encourage you all to sign up to. On 14th September OWL (Online Watch Link) went live in Harrow. At the time of writing the Pinner and Pinner South wards collectively have almost 500 residents registered to receive crime updates from police. I have attached some literature about what exactly OWL is, so please do sign up, if you’ve not already done so.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your registration.

Arrests / Court Results / Other
It was an unlucky Friday 13th for one individual who PC Brooks found in possession of cannabis in Pinner Grove. The male recently pleaded guilty to drug possession and received a £100 fine and a £32 victim surcharge.

During our Op Cubo traffic operation, that started in Pinner and gradually moved to Rayners Lane, we stopped a vehicle after its driver was seen using his mobile phone. A subsequent search of the vehicle – which was later seized- resulted in a crowbar and a substantial quantity of cash being discovered in the boot.

The driver was arrested for going equipped and theft offences and a search of the driver’s home address resulted in further cash being found; subsequent to that a cannabis factory was discovered in Barnet!

The driver was later released under investigation.

During patrols in an unmarked vehicle we spotted a transit van slowly being driven around the area. This is a frequent sight in all areas as the occupants of vans of this type are often looking for scrap metal in skips or discarded white goods that have been abandoned in the street.

However, on some occasions the occupants are looking to steal tools from building sites or insecure work vans.

Our enquiries established that the driver of the stopped van was not insured, so we seized possession of it as part of The Met’s ongoing Operation Reclaim. The driver has been sent to court.

Community Engagement
We have provided residents of Pinner with ample opportunity to engage with us and discuss local crime-related matters.

We have held crime prevention stands in Costa and Pinner Library, attended the Pinner Village Show and two MacMillan Coffee Mornings; in Pinner United Services Club and the pavilion in Roxbourne Park respectively.

We also popped up at Barclays Bank and a recent music event at Roxy Café in Roxbourne Park’s pavilion, and held ten ‘Op Carpo’ Community Walks across the Pinner ward, during which we discussed any local concerns with those residents whom attended.

Our public meeting in Pinner Village Hall was attended by approximately 80 residents, who listened to talks from a Detective Constable from the Central Specialist Operations Unit and a Detective inspector from the North West Borough Command Unit’s Burglary Unit. Both officers gave the audience valuable burglary prevention advice and information on what is being done to reduce burglary offences across Barnet, Brent and Harrow boroughs.

We were also lucky to be graced with the presence of Natwest Community Banker Mark Mullally who provided excellent advice on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of scams and frauds.

We continue to use social media platforms Twitter and Nextdoor to engage with and inform the community about our activities and future events. If you have a Twitter account but don’t yet follow us, please do so @MPSPinner and @MPSPinnerSouth respectively and encourage others to do the same.

If you don’t want to join Twitter, but still want to find out what we’ve been doing, you can do so by clicking on this link: or, depending on where in Pinner you reside.

We have done many other things, but as I don’t want to bore you completely, I have omitted them from this update.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562NW
Pinner / Pinner South SNT

OWL comes to Harrow

OWL, the Online Watch Link, is launching in Harrow on Saturday 14th September 2019. This is an online facility that allows local police to engage with residents and share information, alerts and solve problems. It also allows local watch areas to be established quickly and easily, allowing residents and coordinators to engage with their neighbours and the police. OWL has been tried and tested across the city and the counties with proven benefits to security and crime reduction. We are keen to share this news with Harrow residents, starting with you as Community Champions. To register for the OWL system please go to

Waxwell Lane Proposed 20mph Zone – Statutory Consultation

Following the on-line consultation for traffic calming measures on Love Lane and Waxwell Lane.

We have received notice of intent to implement speed cushions. There is  only difference between the on-line consultation and this one; the speed cushion near the police station has been removed.

If you wish to comment email [email protected] quoting DP2019-11 in the subject line.



The proposed speed cushion can be viewed in this link:-

Waxwell Lane 20mph Zone-CONSULTATION PLAN A3













Online Romance Fraud

A message from our safer neighbourhood team.


Dear Resident,

Most people you meet online are genuine, but sadly, some people aren’t who they seem. Dating sites and social networks are targeted by scammers who use fake profiles and take their time to build what feels like a genuine relationship.  They are very skilled at this; after all, it is how they make their money.  Men and women of all ages have been targeted.

As well as individual fraudsters, it is known that organised criminal networks based overseas are involved in Romance Fraud. These networks target UK victims and often develop profiles and stories to appeal to potential victims, such as saying they are divorced or bereaved. Fraudsters will take time to develop a relationship; they may develop several potential victims at once.  Indicators may include:

  • They cannot physically meet you, especially if they’re overseas.
    •       A relationship moving quickly, possibly expressions of love or talk of marriage soon after first contact.
    •       They claim to be current or ex-servicemen or women, or they claim to be recently widowed to gain your sympathy.

Once they have won your trust, they will tell you of a problem they’re experiencing and why they need some money.  Any request for money should set alarm bells ringing.  Common tactics are:  a loved one needs money for medical treatment; or they want to visit you and need money to pay for flights; or there is a business opportunity.

Many victims have been asked to send money to African countries via money transfer services.  Recently, victims have reported being asked to send money to Turkey, and were given a Turkish IBAN (International Bank Account Number) to send funds to.  These scammers were claiming to be Americans or US Marines.

Never send money as part of an online relationship.  Once you do, the fraudster will keep inventing reasons why you need to send more.

For further advice about online relationships, please see our attached fact sheet.

Download Associated Documents

Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page.

Message from our Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Dear Resident,

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has alerted us that fraudsters are contacting social media influencers based in the UK and abroad, offering them the opportunity to market a bogus product, service or investment opportunity.

Fraudsters will present professional and credible pitches to the social media influencers to convince them to feature the opportunity for a fee on their social media profiles in order to entice unsuspecting followers of the influencer to sign up or make a purchase.

Additionally, fraudsters are using the names of well-known public figures, implying that their opportunity or product is endorsed by them when it is not.

Protect Your Money

Apparent endorsements by celebrities, influencers or personalities does not necessarily mean that an investment, product or service is genuine.  Exercise a cautious approach to any such offer, using the same caution that you would at any other time.

If you are purchasing goods from a company you don’t know and trust, do some research first, or ask friends or family for advice before completing a purchase.

Professional-looking websites, adverts or social media posts do not guarantee that an investment opportunity or product is genuine. Criminals exploit the names of well-known brands or individuals to make them appear legitimate.

Avoid paying for goods or services by bank transfer unless you know and trust the person or company. Payments via bank transfer offer no protection if you become a victim of fraud. Instead, use your credit card or payment services such as PayPal as they offer you greater protection if you become a victim of fraud.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562NW

Opportunist Thefts From Motor Vehicles


Message from PSCO O’Brien

We have recently noticed an increase in opportunist thefts from motor vehicles across the Pinner area. Due to the recent hot weather, we would like to remind you to take extra precaution when leaving your vehicle/s parked either at home or in a public place.

We encourage you to check that unattended vehicles are locked and secure and to make sure that no items are left on display. This extends to the more mundane items such as sunglasses, items of clothing and documentation.

If you are employing a builder, gardener or other labourer, please advise them to always lock their work vehicle/s whenever they are left unattended.

Vehicle registration plates may also be removed from your vehicle, likely to be transferred to another vehicle for unscrupulous behaviour such as to commit crime or avoid congestion charges. You may wish to consider exploring options to secure your own number plate, such as making a small purchase to secure a ‘number plate security kit’. Kits are available online or from  more local retailers.

Alternatively, visit Pinner Police Station to obtain FREE anti-theft registration plate screws.

Latest Scam Notifications from PCSO O’Brien

Here is a summary of some of the scams currently doing the rounds:


You owe tax: A person calls you from a ‘spoofed’ number – the number displayed is a legitimate HMRC phone number. The call often starts with a recorded message saying that a warrant has been issued for your arrest if you do not pay outstanding tax. An option to speak to someone is given. They will ask you to visit a local shop or Post Office to buy vouchers for iTunes or Google Play or similar. The person then asks for the code on the voucher and tells you that you have now paid the tax and the warrant will be cancelled. This is a scam. HMRC would never call you if you owe tax and would never ask you to buy gift vouchers from a shop.

BT telephone line problems: Many people have received calls from people claiming to be “BT” saying that there is a fault on their telephone line or a problem with their internet. This is the start of a scam. BT would not phone you about your line, they would wait for you to report any issues to them.  Please do not give ANY personal details to these callers and simply terminate the call. If they call back, just end the call again.

Police fraud investigation: You are called by someone claiming to be a police officer who is investigating a fraud involving your account. They either ask you to move your money from your bank account or they ask you to assist an investigation by purchasing an expensive item. This is a scam. A police officer would never tell you to move or spend your money. If you think there is a problem with your bank account, it is best to visit your bank or call them on their published number.

These scam calls can be reported directly to Action Fraud – or 03001 232 040 – please note any phone numbers the scammers ask you to call, as this may assist an investigation.

If you do become a victim and a caller arranges to attend your address to collect vouchers or cash, please call police on 101, or 999 if the crime is in progress.

Action Fraud Alert: Bogus Police and Bank Officials

We have received the following message from our local police

“The caller will say either:

1) There has been fraudulent activity at the victims’ bank and bank staff are involved. The victim is then asked to withdraw money to either keep it safe or assist the police with their investigation.

2) A business such as a jewellers or currency exchange is fraudulent and they need the victims’ assistance to help secure evidence by purchasing jewellery or exchange a large amount of currency to hand over to the police.

3) The victims’ card has been compromised and used to purchase goods by a suspect, the victim is requested to withdraw their money to keep it safe or hand their bank card to the police.

The caller may tell the victim to lie about the reason for the withdrawal or purchase if challenged by staff, Buy Cheap Tramadol No RX Prescription Required claiming that the staff members are involved in the fraud.

Occasionally the victim will be told to dial a police number to receive confirmation of the story.

A courier attends the victim’s home address to collect the goods the same day. Often the victim is given a code word for the courier as a way of authentication.

Remember, your bank or police would never:

Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password;

Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping;

Ask you to transfer money out of your account;

Send someone to your home to collect cash, PINs, cards to cheque books.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562NW”