Government Consultation on Proposed Sanctions for Drug Possession

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Illicit drugs are at the root of untold harm and misery across our society. More people die every year as a result of drug misuse in England and Wales than from all knife crime and road traffic accidents combined. Drugs also cause enormous harm to children and young people, impacting on their health and their ability to work and learn. The total cost to society and taxpayers in today’s prices is running close to £22 billion a year in England alone.

Even these shocking numbers cannot fully capture the scale of the human tragedy, with countless lives ruined and families devastated.

A new government white paper is proposing a new regime for how the criminal justice system deals with drug possession offences by so-called recreational or casual users, and changes to how drug testing on arrest works.

The government’s consultation on the proposals is open until 10th  October, and the Home Office policy team have told us they are keen to get a wide range of responses. You are invited to find out about the proposals and give your views via the below online links.

The paper can be found at: ‘Swift, Certain, Tough: New Consequences for Drug Possession’ white paper – GOV.UK (

The Swift. Certain. Tough. New Consequences for drug possession white paper (

Please use the above links if you want to respond to this survey.

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