Volunteers Needed.

Every year Pinner Association organise Band Concerts in Pinner Memorial Park. This year the dates are 29 July, 5, 12, & 19 August

Are you able to help?

We are looking for people to help with setting up the marquee and/or taking the marquee down.

This is at 10:30am and/or approx. 4:30pm and takes just over 1 hour.

We are also looking for stewards to help during the concerts. This is between 2:00 and 4:30.

If you are able to help even for 1 session please let me know by emailing [email protected].

Thank you for your help


Pinner Tube Station – Did you know?





Did you know that we have volunteers that help maintain the gardens at Pinner Tube Station?




In their own words:-

Since taking over doing the donkey work last year, and in consultation with TfL they have been involved in some heavier work:-

  • reducing the height of shrubbery to provide clear camera site lines; 
  • ensuring the PINNER signs were not obscured;
  • cutting back foliage so that it did not go too far beyond the garden boundaries to provide a trip hazard;
  • clearing overgrown foliage to expose “buried” treasures

and some more pleasant work:-

  • moving plants to positions where they would be better appreciated;
  • planting new plants to replace fatalities;
  • planting bulbs (some of which are showing now).

In my discussions with Donal, I also agreed a longer term strategy:-

  • move “prickly” plants to the back of the border and softer plants to the front;
  • increase the number of fragrant plants (it seems the passengers love the lavender, but most of this is tired and dying)
  • aim to create a low maintenance border (replace rampant shrubbery with more restrained plants).

Thank you to the volunteers that help make Pinner a more pleasant place.


Eid in The Park

Eid in The Park is being held in Pinner Memorial Park either on the 15th or 16th June.  This is to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

From the information passed to us by Harrow Council who have granted permission for the park to be used:

  • The expected attendance is 400 people.
  • A large marquee will be erected on the 13th and will be marshalled overnight by accredited security officers.
  • A PA system will be used for approximately 1 hour for the prayers. The event will run for approx. 3 hours in total.

Pinner Fair 2018

The annual Pinner Fair is taking place today – Wednesday 30th May – in Bridge Street, Marsh Road and the High Street.  Despite the cloudy weather the streets were full of families enjoying all the fun of the fair this afternoon.

Swanning around in the High Street.

Many new large structures appeared in Pinner – it is amazing how all the attractions are erected and removed so quickly –  they will all be gone tomorrow morning.

The “Crazy Circus” will be gone tomorrow – however Pinner’s new “sky scraper” will remain.

Pinner Fair 30th May 2018 – Traffic Restrictions and Diversions

Just a reminder that from about 15:00 on  29 May until about 8:00 on 31 May. The following buses will be diverted down West End Lane

183, H11, H12 & H13.

Vehicle traffic restrictions will also apply see below:

As I can’t find an official notice, I’m assuming that the following roads will be closed or have restricted access:

No access to vehicles

  • High Street
  • Bridge Street

Restricted Access

  • Love Lane
  • Waxwell Lane
  • Elm Park Road
  • Marsh Road
  • Chapel Lane
  • Station Approach
  • Paines Lane
  • Church Lane
  • Grange Gardens

If you are going to the fair, I would suggest that you use public transport or walk as parking will be restricted in the area. I haven’t been able to find out which car parks will be available.


Road Works – Delays Possible

Date: 14 – 25
May Location: Near 23 Love Lane 
Closed Road Closed near access to Car Park
Thames Water

Date: 21 – 25 May
Location: Near 15 Waxwell Lane,
Traffic Lights in Operation
Gas Company

Date: 30 May – 5 June
Location: Avenue Road
Traffic Lights in Operation
Gas Company