Pinner Tube Station – Did you know?





Did you know that we have volunteers that help maintain the gardens at Pinner Tube Station?




In their own words:-

Since taking over doing the donkey work last year, and in consultation with TfL they have been involved in some heavier work:-

  • reducing the height of shrubbery to provide clear camera site lines; 
  • ensuring the PINNER signs were not obscured;
  • cutting back foliage so that it did not go too far beyond the garden boundaries to provide a trip hazard;
  • clearing overgrown foliage to expose “buried” treasures

and some more pleasant work:-

  • moving plants to positions where they would be better appreciated;
  • planting new plants to replace fatalities;
  • planting bulbs (some of which are showing now).

In my discussions with Donal, I also agreed a longer term strategy:-

  • move “prickly” plants to the back of the border and softer plants to the front;
  • increase the number of fragrant plants (it seems the passengers love the lavender, but most of this is tired and dying)
  • aim to create a low maintenance border (replace rampant shrubbery with more restrained plants).

Thank you to the volunteers that help make Pinner a more pleasant place.