Home Security Advice

A message from PCSO Lee O’Brien.

“Unfortunately, since the start of 2019 the Pinner area has suffered from a spate of burglaries. It is therefore important to be vigilant and assess your home’s security vulnerabilities.

Some of the main security measures we recommend are:

1. An intruder alarm system installed by an NSI or SSAIB affiliated company is an excellent deterrent. Most burglaries occur at the rear, so have an additional active alarm bell box fitted at the rear, as well as the front, to deter intruders approaching from neighbouring gardens or alleyways.

2. Most UPVC and aluminium doors have multi-locking handles. If you have one of these doors, it is vital that you lift the handle and lock it with a key. If you don’t have a multi-locking handle, surface mounted key operated locks can be fitted to the top and bottom. Wooden doors should have British Standard 5-lever mortice locks. A front door should also have an automatic deadlocking rim latch and a back door should have two mortice rack bolts, fitted to the top and bottom.

3. Side and rear boundaries should be a minimum of 1.8 metres in height. An additional diamond-style trellis topping is difficult to climb and provides a framework for spiky, defensive planting, such as climbing roses. Side gates should be level with the front building line, secure and the same height as the side and rear boundaries. 

4. Low front boundaries should not exceed 1 metre in height, to allow natural surveillance and increase the chances of a burglar being seen.

5. A safe, fixed to a solid floor and/or wall will prevent valuables and sentimental items being stolen. Property marking and photographing valuables assists police to return stolen property. Timers or smart technology linked to lights and a radio will give the impression that somebody is at home.

6. Burglars often knock or ring at the door to see if a property is unoccupied before gaining entry to it, so if you think you hear someone at your door, please respond to it.

7. Consider purchasing a smart audio and visual doorbell such as ring.com, which provides CCTV coverage of your driveway / street and allows you to answer your door remotely.”