Attempted Car Theft – Pinner Area

We have received an email from the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

“Over the weekend of the 19th / 20th January we received reports of two failed attempts to steal a Land Rover / Range Rover from driveways in the Pinner area.

These and other high-value vehicles are often targeted by organised criminals who ship the vehicles abroad, never to be seen again.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to take the below proactive security measures to prevent the theft of your vehicle.

  • Thieves are using sophisticated methods to steal vehicles with electronic keys – a scanner is used to locate the signal from the key. To prevent this, always keep the electronic key in a security pouch when not in use.
  • Keys and ignition fobs should kept safe and out of sight and reach – the most common ways to steal a car or van is to take the keys or ignition fob, either when left in the vehicle or from your home through burglary. Try not to keep your keys in an obvious place such as the hallway or kitchen.
  • Set the steering wheel lock if your vehicle is fitted with one. If not, use a bar type steering lock each time you leave your vehicle.
  • Also consider using a gear stick lock.

No matter how many wheels your mode of transport has, you can get further vehicle theft prevention advice via this link:”