Weekly COVID-19 Round up 4 May 2020

Weekly Round up

As we enter our eigth week of lockdown, here is a summary of what has been happening.

Whilst we may not be holding committee meetings due to the current situation, committee members are busy looking at all of the planning applications being submitted and answering emails/phone calls to do with this area. It’s a case of out of sight but not out of action.

The new answer to “how are you” when shouted across the street is “I’m surviving”



For those worried about shopping in busy supermarkets don’t forget you can Google the shop and get an indication of how busy they are.


On a business front. 

Camillia’s lingerie might be closed but they are still operating on-line

Jafvans have reopened their Harrow office. Their hours are Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am to 2pm. Having spoken to them, their hours might expand depending on demand.

We understand that Ideal Fish Bar will be re-opening its doors on Thursday 7 May – watch this space as we obtain more information.

If there are other local shops that are open that we might have missed from our page or shops that  have changed their opening hours; please let us know by emailing [email protected]