The Pinner Association Notice Boards

The way you can send A5 sized posters to The Pinner Association for free publicity display on our four notice boards around Pinner is changing.

The policy for posters from outside organisations to be displayed on the Pinner Association notice boards is strictly those from local charities and not-for-profit community organisations.  We cannot allow any commercial posters as we get so frequent requests for free advertising that our boards would be covered in such posters.  If you see any “commercial” poster on our notice board in the entrance lobby of Sainsbury’s this will have been put up without our consent and it will be removed as soon as we see it.

Posters / flyers from outside sources for display on our Notice Boards should be no larger than A5 size (half A4 size) – larger posters will not be displayed.

Posters which are to publicise an organisation or series of events will be displayed for as long as possible, but only for a limited time to allow space for other posters to be displayed.

Posters / flyers should give contact details for further information about the event or organisation being publicised. The Pinner Association cannot act as an agent for other organisations’ events.

The notice boards will be updated regularly, but you may need to wait to see your organisations’ poster / flyer displayed. Please send us your poster / flyer in good time before the date of a specific event to ensure its timely display.

Four A5 sized copies of the poster / flyer to be displayed should be sent to:

The Pinner Association Notice Boards, 10, Crest View, PINNER   HA5 1AN