SCAM – Don’t ring 020 3287 4777 or 0203 239 6767.

We have received an email from one of our local PSCO’s.


Dear Resident,

This morning we have received numerous reports from elderly residents who have received a pre-recorded voice message on their landline from telephone number 020 3287 4777.

The message states that an arrest warrant has been issued and the recipient would be prosecuted unless they called the number back.

I have called this number and the person claims they are from the HMRC. They will ask you to provide the phone number you received the message on, your name and then your National Insurance (NI) number.


Please do NOT call the phone number back. No government agency would ever use a pre-recorded message for official matters like this.

Please pass this message to anyone you know, especially elderly relatives, neighbours and friends.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562QA