Save the last Bank Branch in Pinner

HSBC has announced that the Love Lane, Pinner branch will close its doors for the last time on 6 September 2022.

Barclays Bank is closing its branch in Pinner on 29 June so this will leave HSBC as the ONLY remaining bank we have in our vibrant community (one Building Society, the Nationwide will remain).

Now that HSBC has announced it also plans to close this year people are very concerned about how Pinner will be affected. Although many in our community do not visit bank branches many still do, particularly older residents, and businesses. In addition many local Pinner community groups will find it more difficult to manage their banking arrangements.

This petition asks the senior management of HSBC to reconsider its decision and to join the community in a dialogue to find a better solution. As a local councillor many residents have approached me with great ideas for HSBC to consider – these would enable HSBC to continue to provide a local service here in Pinner.

Please support this petition to save Pinner’s last bank branch!! Petition link is at the top.