Roofing Scam – Neighbourly Advice

I was visited this morning by two unsavoury looking characters with a white van and brown uniforms calling themselves KC Roofing.
I was not at my most alert this morning as I had driven a long way home yesterday and was tired so I failed to take names or the van reg. no. However, having had a hour-and-a-half to think about it I think they were scammers.
The slim guy, both were in their forties to fifties, white British, knocked on my door, said his company were  working down the road and said I had loose roof tiles which I know to be true but could be easily observed from the roadway.
He said he had spoken to my wife before which my wife tells me is untrue. He insisted on giving me a quote and would call back.
Next I knew there was a knock on the door, slim guy was back and said, “go into my garden and his mate will show me the roof problem”. To my amazement big guy was on my roof at the rear and showing me that I had a loose ridge tile. I then went to the front where he showed other damage.
Thin guy then said £240 and we’ll start now. I said I’ll think about it I have your contact details”. He then cut the price to £180. I said no, I’ll think about it. They then left in a white Ford Transit van with KC roofing on the side.

I believe it to be a scam. I googled them and could not find them nor are they VAT registered.
I am also worried they are using the roof idea to find ways in. I have heard of intruders accessing properties via the roof.
I hope they won’t bother my wife and I again but they may con their way in to other people in Stanmore.


Their card which has nothing unique on it has a landline for Slough/Windsor – 01 753 652277 and a mobile 074 3790 3477.
My wife rang the land-line and it was answered by a cockney sounding woman. She answered “Hello”. No reference to a business name.