Police Warning

The Pinner / Pinner South Safer Neighbourhood Teams would like to make you aware of a male named Paul, who is knocking on doors and asking residents if they would like their gutters cleared, usually for £40. If he receives an affirmative response he will often return minutes later with a ladder, usually borrowed from another resident.
Several hours or days later he will return and claim that he needs money for his car/van which has either broken down or has run out of petrol.
This male is known to have knocked on doors in the Harrow Weald, Hatch End and now the Pinner areas and although known to police indices he has not been directly linked to any offences at present. The male is white, is aged between 30-35 years old, has a short ginger beard and he wears casual / workmen’s attire and occasionally a black woolly hat.
Gutter clearing or window cleaning is a great opportunity for people to assess a properties security vulnerabilities and location of valuable items. Please DO NOT accept offers of work from this male or any other cold-callers offering services or products.
If you ever have suspicions about the presence, behaviour or activity of a person/s or vehicles in your road please contact either the non-emergency 101 or emergency 999 number.