Pinner & Pinner South Wards – Burglary Prevention Advice

Message for our local police.

During the month of October ten burglaries occurred in the Pinner area. These offences took place at different times during daylight hours and after the hours of darkness.

Methods of entry to properties varied from forcing open a front door, a rear or side ground-floor window or rear patio doors. Access to the side or rear of a property is often gained by climbing over low gates using unsecured bins in driveways.

As the clocks have now gone back and the dark early evenings are upon us, it can be easier for burglars to identify if a house is unoccupied.

Burglars often knock or ring at the door first,  before making efforts to enter the property. So, however you feel safest responding to an unexpected visitor at your door, please do answer it as your presence could be enough of a deterrent.

For those of you who regret answering the door to unwanted cold-callers, consider purchasing a video doorbell that detects movement outside your home, improves its security and allows you to answer the doorbell remotely.

Please do take some time to read the attached burglary prevention advice leaflets and consider what, if any, security vulnerabilities need to be addressed at your home.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562QA
Pinner / Pinner South SNT
E: [email protected]