Pinner Park Farm update

The initial question to Cllr Keith Ferry:  We have been told that there will be a second round of consultation about the future of Pinner Park Farm.  When will that be

The response from Cllr Keith Ferry seemed to allude to the fact that the option for ‘status quo’ was clearly one of the options set out in the detail from which the public could have made their choice during the consultation.  No definite date was given for when the second round will take place and there seemed to be an over-emphasis  for when the Harrow ‘masterplan’ would be ready at which point the next ‘stage’ would commence.  (Note that the masterplan is the Regeneration Plan but could also be confused with ‘Heart of Harrow’ planning which is also mentioned in the information on the Harrow Council website but which is part of the same programme).


The supplementary question to Cllr Keith Ferry: In the first round of the consultation a majority of residents were in favour of retaining the farm as an agricultural enterprise.  In view of this, will the council guarantee in the second consultation, to include this (ie. the status quo) as an option and to give it equal prominence with the proposal for a country park?

Cllr Keith Ferry responded by stating that when the masterplan is complete it will include this site as one of the local considerations and that in the next stage of consultation for the site it will be made “absolutely clear that the status quo is an option that can be chosen”.


Please appreciate that it is difficult to remember word-for-word the response so please do check the recording at this link in a few days.