New Year Honours.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Cynthia Wells has been awarded a B.E.M in this New Years Honours List. This is for services to the community in Pinner.

Congratulations and well deserved.

Cynthia as well as being our Honorary Editor of The Villager Magazine since 1997, has been a committee member since 1992 and for many years was the Honorary Secretary of The Pinner Association Committee. From 2001 to 2004 she was Chair of The Pinner Association.

She was one of a team of people instrumental in getting the West House and Heath Robinson Trust off the ground which resulted in the refurbishment of West House and the Heath Robinson Museum becoming a reality. It is only recently that she has stepped down as Chair of the West House and Heath Robinson Trust.

She was a trustee of Pinner House Association for over 16 years and is still a trustee of Beauclere (a sub-charity).

In 2016 she won the Harrow Heroes award for ‘Bringing people together”.