Pinn Bridge Railings



It was something of a shock to discover on a stroll down to the Village one Sunday morning to find the railings over the Pinn devoid of posters – like seeing a beloved old friend without any clothes on!

One had to admit that the street scene looked far tidier without the plethora of posters and associated bits of string and plastic ties.  But, who had removed them?  The Council deny having done the deed, and it certainly was not the Pinner Association.

Indeed, it was the Pinner Association that persuaded the Council, many years ago, to turn a blind eye to the posters.  We thought that posters on the railings were a useful community facility, allowing charities and other non-profit-making organisations to advertise their events and activities.  And so it has proved over the years.

However, I have to admit that recently it has got out of hand.  The facility is abused.  The railings are plastered with posters for ‘meetings every Thursday’ and adverts for lessons and commercial services, which, being ‘perpetual’ are never taken down. And even posters for one-off events are sometimes put up far too long in advance and then all too often not removed after the event has taken place.  The result is no room for others.

Could we Villagers who value the facility have an unwritten rule that we will not leave our posters up for more than two weeks and take them down- including the bits of string and ties – after that or as soon as our event is over if earlier?  Perhaps we should date our posters so everyone can see we are sticking to the rules.  This way, everyone would have a chance of displaying their events and the bridge would not look so untidy.
If you have views, contact the Pinner Association on, email [email protected] or via Facebook at ‘Pinner Village Friends’.