Heath Robinson Works saved for the Nation


Do log on to the following link for the BBC website which gives an excellent summary of the purchase plus links to follow to giving more interesting facts about WHR.
See:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-32015961
Not all of these new works will be available for immediate display as some are in need of conservation work and this will give us all an opportunity to subscribe to the WHRT “Adopt a Picture” scheme whereby you can sponsor the restoration of a specific illustration.   Adoption is based on the amount of work required and from the existing collection six are currently awaiting a sponsor with prices range from £130 to £280.   If you are interested in participating in this scheme then you will be credited alongside the picture whenever it is subsequently displayed –further details are available in the Gallery on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon where you can see what is on offer and pick up a form or contact [email protected] so she can email you pictures and a form.