Grove Estate Development – Consultation

The second public consultation on the council’s proposed additional development at the Grove Estate was held on 26th June.  The information boards on display at that consultation are:

Grove Estate 2018 June Consultation Boards (6MB)

These are still proposals being worked up by “Homes for Harrow” and no planning application(s) for any of these new buildings have yet been submitted to Harrow Council’s Planning Department. 

The proposal is to build on three sites within the boundary of the current estate:

 South Site – behind Cannon Lane and Hereford Gardens – site currently trees:   Three Storey Townhouses – 3 x 4B/6P Townhouse – 4 x 3B/6P Townhouse – Total = 7 Dwellings

East Site – very close to the fenced boundary with Pinner Village Gardens – will be clearly on view from the park:    Four to Six Storey Flat Block – 9 x 1B/2P Flat – 1 x 2B/3P Flat – 4 x 2B/4P Flat – 5 x 3B/4P Flat – Total = 19 Dwellings

North Site – facing onto Grove Avenue – site currently grass / shrubs:  Bungalows – 3 x 1B/2P Bungalow – Total = 3 Units

We will post more information as it becomes available or if any planning application(s) are submitted for these proposed developments.