Filming In Pinner Memorial Park – 3rd May 19

We have received notification of filming in Pinner Memorial Park from Harrow Council on Friday 3rd May.

Dear Team

This is to notify you that the Council has agreed filming to take place this Friday 3rd May from 9 am until 3 pm within Pinner Memorial Park.  A crew of 15 people will be filming a short commercial film sequence to be shown at upcoming exhibitions.     

The film crew will be using a professional drone company to film an actor walking along pathways and benches within the park and stubbing out a cigarette on the ground (all discarded cigarettes will be picked up).  Overview shots of the park will also be taken.  The drone company have provided the Film Service with the required risk assessments, flight paths, and the necessary CAA exemption permissions to fly the drone safely. 

Whilst filming sequences, the film company will provide marshals to ensure public safety and they will therefore politely ask the public to walk outside of the flight exclusion safety areas during these times.  The film company have already liaised with the Heath Robinson Museum to notify them about their plans.  I will conduct a site visit during the day to ensure compliance with the safety measures submitted. 

I would be grateful if you could share this email with any relevant Park User Group representatives so that they are notified in advance. 

Kind regards

Darren Butterfield”