E-Scooter Advice

Dear Watch Member,

We are still seeing the use of electric scooters, commonly known as e-scooters, on roads and pavements across the area. Currently they are only legal to ride on private land with the landowner’s permission or as part of a government trial.

With trials of rented e-scooters taking place around the country, some people are purchasing their own in the mistaken belief they can legally use them on public paths and roads. This is not the case and we are finding that otherwise law-abiding citizens are inadvertently breaking the law in this way.

If you have an e-scooter on your Christmas wish list please ensure they will be ridden legally. For more information on using publicly owned e-scooters please visit www.gov.uk.

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Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]