Doing up Bikes. Can you Help.

We have received this request for help.

Hi All, with all that’s in the news about fitness and health, we would like to help those wanting to get into cycling in the local area. We would like to run a scheme to help the community get old unused/broken bikes back in use for those that need them.

We are looking for people to donate any unused or broken bikes that may be hanging around in garages or sheds. We will then try to get them usable and give them back to the community in working condition.

So first off, we are asking for any donations – we are very near Pinner High Street/Love Lane Car Park, so if you can bring them down to us or if you are close to Pinner we can collect. We will take any bike with the exception of heavily rusted or seized up bikes.

Please WhatsApp KY for more info: +44 7902 923 729